Saturday, April 9, 2016

Famous Bartender Endorses Trump - POLITICO

       Who says women don't like Trump ?

Kirstie Alley endorses Donald Trump - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

I went to the Hill to see what kind of comments the hypocritical misogynist anti woman left would be making. Sure enough, lots of "this could tip the scales in Trumps favor" and throwing her weight behind Trump comments. Although there were lots of attacks on her religion too. Libtards don't like Scientology because Scientology doesn't blow things up or fly planes into buildings. But suggest a moratorium on bringing in those who do and they will have a conniption fit and label it as bigoted. You have to pick and choose who you are bigoted about these days.

Like its perfectly fine when Bruce Springsteen inc., denied services to the entire people of NC, due to their political creed. Even though in Bruce's home state of Jersey, it is legal to discriminate based on gender for things such as dressing rooms, but not legal to discriminate base on creed.

Anonymous said...

The woman is entitled to her opinion and to speak it freely. Now hopefully, she can advise him on his hair. :D