Friday, April 8, 2016

Dragnet: Watertown Style

      Couple of interesting crimes......One was the boyfriend who during a domestic grabbed an urn of ashes of his old lady's dad.  He took the vessel out in the street and dumped the ashes in the road. Really a low life thing to do and he faces serious charges.

      The other was a bar employee who stole two beers and drank them while on duty. The boss went beyond firing and had him arrested for a $7 petit larceny. Wow that's a slippery slope. When someone gives away product , that's also stealing, but at what point do you resolve it internally. Maybe there is more to the story. Police Blotter

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there is more to the story.
Maybe the sun will come up tomorrow.
Maybe the sky is blue.

Reminds me of all these "non violent drug offenders" that Obama is unleashing on innocent society. Just like Al Capone was nothing more than a non violent victim who was merely guilty of the tax evasion.