Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Did Legislature Overreach in Asking for Rain's Removal ?

   The SLC Legislature officially has voted 10-3 to express no confidence in DA Mary Rain and more important ask the Governor to start a probe that could lead to removal from office.
    The move is unusual because the DA is an elected official accountable to voters not to the County Legislature. What is problematic for Ms. Rain is such a request goes beyond local festering over the job done and places pressure on the Second Floor to intervene in local politics.
     The normal remedy is to defeat the person at the polls.  Ms. Rain is not up this year, but there is little record of trying to get people removed from office without an actual conviction. That happened with Skelos  and Silver,
     The Legislature asking for Ms. Rain's investigation and removal may be misplaced, but ten members decided to put the county's imprimatur on the complaints and bad press for the DA. 
      I am just not sure, since DA is Constitutional office, whether the County Leg should be involved in asking for a witchhunt. 



Anonymous said...

I recall when the doctors took the vote on Tinker. He was gone a little while later. Even though it wasn't the doctors' call.

I don't know why she bothers to plug away. Even when she brings in a famous brilliant prosecutor from Syracuse to help her bring justice to the dead boy, she gets raked over the coals by the local biased media and democrats in the county. She can do no right in their eyes. She should just go into private practice, where LORD KNOWS perfection is not required or expected.

Anonymous said...

Its taken a long time for the legislature to act ..
My concern is only in the facts of
A. Mr Forsythe voted against the resolution but in fact he himself with incompetance caused the county to be found guilty of unfair labor practices and it cost the county and the taxpayers dearly
B. Mr Burke was elected to lead the legislature its about time he starts
C. Mr Damms is an idiot. His outright war on teh poor in this county is well documented. Making around &75,000 from pensions etc per year seems to border hypocracy.
D. Mr Hooper wasnt there again.. If hes sick thats excused if hes not time to resign.
Rains record speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

The Legislature is doing what it feels it needs to do to correct a con job, in my opinion, that was foisted on the voters in St. Lawrence County. I think this is overdue.

I get that you don't like the idea of one elected body coming after another, but this will be no witch hunt. I believe she is at best unqualified and unprofessional; at worst mentally unfit for the job. Her track record prior to winning the DA seat does nothing to dissuade my belief.

As a resident of St. Lawrence County, I and many others, just want this whole episode put behind us. Her tenure has been a disgraceful, damaging embarrassment, and needs to end before more damage is done.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the City Council will have to do the same thing soon.

Anonymous said...

The mayor hit the nail squarely on the head. Ms. Rain sits in a constitutional office. Until she has been convicted of something or has had her license to practice law become suspended, the voters of St. Lawrence County should be forced to endure the consequences of their electoral decision. Her term will be coming up soon enough and she can be removed by the same citizens who elected her 4 years prior. However, to waste legislators time on innuendo and hearsay and non-proven allegations is a disservice to the people of St. Lawrence County. There are much more pressing concerns before the county legislature, I assure you.

Let her hang herself...based on the path she is traveling, she will. But, until then, this just isn't the concern of the legislature. St. Lawrence County got what it deserved when they elected Ms. Rain and now they are paying the price for it. Actions have consequences...sometimes good, sometimes bad.

Anonymous said...

712.. She was elected to prosecute cases like the Hillary not persecute an individual. Not to lie about evidence and not to hold a vendetta.. Try and bring justice and bring this deputy thats involved to justice.. Hes not as innocent as he says.

Anonymous said...

They should just sit on their hands as there is incident after incident,train wreck after train wreck,and just watch it happen?But you sure love to post that picture of her swigging champagne,don't you?

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

We do have a little thing called Due process in our country whether you like a person or not ... but facts never trump opinion or views or moods.

A process is now in play ... they asked the Gov. to launch an investigation of either nonfeasance or malfeasance (it seems). Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Rain may have made a few mistakes but I think a number of them have been blown out of proportion.
Richards seems to have gotten a pass at the poor judgment and legal mis-steps that he has made.
This guy should be removed from the bench!

Anonymous said...

She made it obvious from the begining that she was not a team player. It was going to be her way or none at all.She was boisterous and threatening and intended to misuse her power if needed to get her way. I believe her previous history of controversy was available for all to see but no, the Republicans needed a DA from their party in office at all costs.
One legislator made a statement concerning Judge Richards office and Steve Ballans office in helping to create this mess... Totally wrong and the person writting this is simply making a political statement and proving his ignorance..Each of these offices have a job to do in the search for justice. Two cant do their job right and let one be operated with incompetance, just as the board of legislators cannot be run by incompetant people.