Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DA Salaries Go Up and So Do Your Taxes.

     Not only do district attorneys get a big raise this month thanks to NYS law, but the counties get to pay for it.  Jefferson County lawmakers are protesting but likely to no avail.
      Funny how only Newzjunky caught the irony days ago of Mary Rain getting a big raise. The DA raises continue in the years to come and they will be over $200K in a couple years. When she retires our DA will get a six figure pension.  Obviously very astute person to get on that gravy train. As for Ms. Rain, all she had to do is a low key mediocre job and she could have stayed and got bigger and bigger salaries...As it is she will do pretty well even if not reelected.

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Anonymous said...

Rain will not get a 6 figure pension Her next raise is 2017, she will make less than 200000 that year. She will be out of a job at that time. Not sure how many years in system but it is well under twenty five years. If she manages 15 30% of her highest three years. Her highest three years will be as DA and the average of those will be under $180,000. She will have to hope some government highers her to pump up her years.