Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DA Group: State Should Launch 'Immediate' Probe Into Rain Charges | WWNY TV 7

    Sounds like the legal cartel wants to kick poor Mary Rain to the curb. Are these the same lawyers who put Legal Docs out of business ?

     Can't take these people seriously anymore.

DA Group: State Should Launch 'Immediate' Probe Into Rain Charges | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Its a tough business to be in if you are a registered republican.
Why doesn't she just change her registration to a democrat? She acts just like one.

Anonymous said...

I never took Legal Docs by ME or NextGenJustice seriously.
How could anyone? Located that close to the Square, who really expected them NOT to fail?

Anonymous said...

This is as much circling the wagons as an effort to boot Rain. Read the comment by the DA president who chides the county leg for prosecution-by-innuendo. That, by the way, is the right call. What, other than personal animus, motivates the county board to pass judgment on an elected official, without trial (public hearing) or evidence (other than news reports)?

MR may be guilty as hell, but hopefully there's a different forum, other than the Times (NY and Watertown) and county politicians (including some on her alleged "enemies list"), to make that determination. I think its called Election Day.

Anonymous said...

637.. What planet are you from.. MR is guilty as hell.. She deserves a no confidence vote. Our courts are in disray in this county.. Case after case dismissed for various reasons. A very important murder trial pending which she has already acted inappropriately several times. She has denied defendants due process time and time again. She has lied to the judge and I assume hes supposed to continue listening to this.. Wake up and land your spaceship and come back to earth.

Anonymous said...

6:37, it is only democrat DA's that get away with putting the same guy on tribal three times and no one is held accountable for the crimes that caused this. MR is not a registered democrat at this time, so she can't get away with being mediocre at her job like the rest of the justice system in Big RINO county gets away with.

She won't get any credit for putting the Amish kidnappers in prison or for prosecuting the hate crime against the church bench burner, because she is not a donkey.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Due process folks, due process .. someday you may need it, too.