Tuesday, April 26, 2016

County Meeting on that New Fangled Internet

   I see the County Leg has their meetings streamed live and you can watch them on You Tube. It was always frustrating to me the City could never quite master the Internet. Chairman Gray is getting it done as head of the Legislature.


Anonymous said...

It is called better leadership. Addison is not able to produce such results.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good for Scott!

We can now see our county legislature continue their attempt to balance the budget off the working class' back!
Right on the internets!

Hey, this won't raise my taxes again will it, Scotty 'ol pal?

Anonymous said...

Good job by Scott. But in all fairness, Scott doesn't have to pay $8 million a year for a bloated overstaffed, pension padding, OT glutinous, fire department, so he has a few bucks left over to bring democracy to the people.

Anonymous said...

So 746 you don't think there's no Pension gluttions in the JCSD??