Thursday, April 21, 2016

Canada Looks To Legalize Marijuana | WWNY TV 7

      Pot is coming to a country near you. Just as you can drink at 19 in Kingston, the expected legalization of  recreational marijuana use will create another hard to explain dichotomy between this piece of real estate and the people living on the other side of the imaginary line.
       At some point the whole premise of the war on drugs unravels, doesn't it ?
       Does channel seven still do those stories where cops are standing in front of the pile of weed found in the Town of Watson and they tell us what the street value is ?
       When I worked there, we'd cover those stories and then go to a party where people would light up and muse about the drug bust they covered in the afternoon.
       Nothing wrong with that per se, but there is often irony to society's relationship with weed.
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Anonymous said...

Yes the premise of the war on drugs unravels. It unravels when the left wing anarchists win. When the left successfully argues that all morals are relative and everyone should be free to choose their own and to hell with society, decency and civilization.

And we end up with school administrators getting DWI's and cops drinking and driving with impunity. We end up with Valley of the dolls producers getting away with giving Quaalude to a thirteen year old, anally raping her and then the countries that Bernie wants to emulate, refuse to extradite him to the US to be punished. We end up with millions of Americans lying on their mortgage applications and then blaming Wall Street when they bounce back to ruin the economy. We should just repeal all the laws against everything and give up.

Anonymous said...

The US should legalize it. They just need to tax the hell out of it, like they do with alcohol. IT would be win/win. Less police/jail/court/prison/gang related crime/ costs, and actually have a taxable revenue stream.

It's time to stop screwing around with this. You've got kids being hooked on their parents opioids because they can't get a beer or smoke a joint, and then MADD driven political hacks wringing their hands saying "woe is me, woe is me".

Get over it and move on.

Anonymous said...

I thought that happened only in SLC.. Sheriff Jarvis has the headlines during one raid a few years ago.. SLC deputies found a ton of marj growing in Lisbon.. No arrests made but they tied up deputies for two days and had multible pictures and stories taken and written by media. Had trucks and soldiers from Fort Drum to help pull it and one deputy gave a street value of almost a million..
Truth waS Jarvis was promoting for a new deputy so they went to a field they have (raided) befoe where it grows wild.. After all the negaitive publicity its never been raided again but still grows wild... It was once a hemp factory that manufactured rope...
Of course our tax dollars went down the tube and he didnt get his deputy.

Anonymous said...

Did you inhale?

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the maple leafers legalizing pot. I just don't appreciate it when they attempt to criminalize us. The citizens of each nation should be treated equally by the government of both. They don't do that. Stay home, Canadians. Now you can get drunk and smoke dope at home. It doesn't get much better than that. What more could anyone want?