Thursday, April 14, 2016

Busy Primary Schedule in the Empire State

   The New York primary continues to boil....Bernie Sanders had a huuuuge crowd last night for a rally in NYC....Tonight there's a televised debate in Brooklyn with Hillary Clinton and across town all three GOP candidates speak at a Republican dinner.

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otherwords1 said...

Bernie-40 delegates......Hillary-55(too many automatic sheep voting in NYC)
The active people for Bernie Sanders seem to have more enthusiasm here than those for Hillary. WAS there any demonstration for Hillary like that for Bernie? Hillary's real strength comes from Manhatten and the Bronx. Bill has an office in Harlem and Hillary knows a lot of rich folks in West Chester County down to Manhatten. The democrats in Queens and the Bronx will vote as the Democratic bosses tell them to. Staten Island might be the only place where Bernie might eke out more votes. Long Island will split in the primary and vote mostly Republican come the election.
Buffalo and Albany will most likely vote for Hillary while Rochester and Syracuse vote Sanders. Utica and Rome will be close because both have large unemployed, underemployed and refugee populations. And then there is the North Country where Democrats have been in revolution to the rest of society here. Split with Sanders taking most-5-4 split in voting.