Friday, April 1, 2016

Budget Passed...Move Along....Nothing to See Here

     The state's $156B budget is complete.
      The upstate minimum wage goes to $12.50 by 2020 and after that it's up to the Division of Budget and the Department of Labor to do an economic analysis and it sounds like the Second Floor can just raise it to $15 but maybe it needs legislative approval. Meanwhile downstate wages go to $15 in 2018 and that's really the political imperative as there were no wage demonstrations upstate.
      Bottom line. Upstate workers will work for less.
      The other new thing is this family leave program "paid for" by a 70 cent a week employee payroll tax. That starts in 2018 and will provide up to two thirds pay for 12 weeks, although since it's a tax, I assume the state pays it.  That's an expansion of government, and I doubt it's a segragated financing, so who knows if the 70 cents is budget neutral. Seems like an extra tax and a new program.

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Anonymous said...

You say it seems like an extra tax and a new program... That certainly means Patty Ritchie votes against the budget..
She couldnt possibly vote for a reduced rate for minimum wage for her constituants.. No I,m sorry she couldnt possibly vote for a raise in the minimum wage.. Hmmmmmmmm which is it? No new taxes right?? Thats her promise... Woops I forgot she broke her promise 23 hours into her first session.....