Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Bernie Wins Most Counties But Downstate Swamps Him

     A peek at the county by county totals shows the vast majority were won by Bernie Sanders, some with numbers well into the 60s and 70s. However, the big population counties were too much to overcome. South of Peekskill were for Hillary Clinton and she drew to a draw in Erie County.
     For Donald Trump, his best county was an 80+ on Staten Island. Mr Trump won the outer boroughs and did well on Long Island and in greater Buffalo.
      In upstate, Mr. Trump ran behind his statewide total of 60%.


Anonymous said...

Well I am sure you will hear that the reason he wins up with the woodchucks is because woodchucks are less sophisticated. I mean that is the go-to explanation for why voters support republicans up here in the sticks, so why not the reason for Bernie freestuff support?

Anonymous said...

The reason Clinton won was attributable to the African American and Latino FEMALE vote in NYC . SAnders took the balance of NY State so her bought and paid for firewall was the difference . I thought the upstate sweep for Bernie was VERY telling . The question remaon what will these peple DO IN A GENERAL election

Will they cave and vote for her ? My guess is a third will , a third will vote another 3 rd party candidate and a third will say to hell with it both party candidates are not supportable and eithenr stay home or WRITE IN a candidate .

Onw thing is certain UPSTATE DEMS do NOT like Clinton , saw no benefit accrue from her carpetbagging run as our senator and thus MAY not support her in the general ., since she is flawed as much as TRUMP .

Anonymous said...

Kevin Fear already proved we like Bernie up here.
Free Free Free !!!