Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders will visit Syracuse for campaign rally Tuesday |

   It's tempting to take the day off Tuesday to see the Bernie Sanders rally in Syracuse. There's an electricity there that would be fun.  Have to see what Ted Ford is up to. 

    I still remember two years ago when Ted was chastised for attending a Teachout rally in Syracuse. This year I am sure he is similarly unimpressed with the establishment's expectation.

Bernie Sanders will visit Syracuse for campaign rally Tuesday |


Anonymous said...

I just read this and will give this to yu all to digest in light of our Senator Ritchies war on the poor.

Sen. Sanders nailed it. This is a classic case of Republicans trying to blame the victims of their policies. Republicans crashed the economy, threw millions out of work, then blamed the unemployed, and their children for needing assistance. While the GOP tries to take the food out of the mouths of those who are struggling, the rich continue to get richer.

The Koch brothers won’t have less money if children continue to get free school lunches. The issue is that the people at the very top continue to see their wealth grow while nearly everyone else is struggling to survive.

That’s the dirty little secret that Bernie Sanders exposed.

Republicans refuse to limit themselves to encouraging the wealthy. They are on a mission to take everything away from everyone else, and give it to the rich. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been leading this new smokescreen with a war against the poor that has been disguised as budget cuts and poverty studies.

Ryan and his millionaire Republican brothers are running a shell game. They are trying to convince the American people that the income inequality that is obvious to everyone isn’t a problem. Instead, they want the country to focus on the fact that poor people need to eat.

Bernie Sanders is one of the few members of congress who will stand up and call out this con game for what it really is, and he is not going to sit back quietly and allow Republicans to starve children, veterans, and the elderly so that the Koch brothers can have millions of dollars more in tax breaks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bernie will expound on his 1972 essay of how womyn fantasize about being gang raped. And then he can explain why his wife got a quarter million dollars to leave the college she just about bankrupted by borrowing money on behalf of the college using a fraudulent application. Does Bernie offer to give any of that money back? Has Bernie ever had a job?

Anonymous said...

9:33 Thank you, they always omit the most important facts. Never can have an honest debate because they can't handle the truth.

Anonymous said...

We dont know the one percent up here , THEY are NOT Here in any great numbers ,go to the city and they dominate.
BUT the dirty little secret is the ONE PERCENT and their MINIONS ( politicians) have CREATED a class warfare between the middle class and the poor . .while controlling everything

UP Here the middle class has been duped . It abhors the poor on welfare , they are the enemy Yet the FACT remains the ONE PERCENT has disproportionately added wealth WHILE reducing their tax burden since THE Failed trickle down economics of RONNIE the actor and his Henchman David Stockman. STockman later admitted the policy was a MASSIVE failure .

Helping to feed and house the poor is a drop in the bucket compared to the financial gaming done by the One Percent . ( Think off shoring , think massive tax sheltering , think bailouts , think bankers and hedge fund mgrs getting bailed out at MIDDLE CLASS EXPENSE , think masive tax reductions authored over the past 4' decades favoring the hyper wealthy )

The middle class has been turned into indentured servancy and coached to blame the poor By the ONE PERCENT in order to DEFLECT attention while they enhanced their wealth by gaming the tax system .This blame the poor game keeps the Middle. Class distracted and overworked from the game being conducted by the one percent .

Again the ONE percent is NOT visible here in great number .but we DO see the POOR in great numbers and they have been scapegoated . You have to look hard to find the ONE PERCENT but go to Manhattan and they DOMINATE to the point where the middle class and poor have been displaced since they cannot afford to live there

So bottom line this Social and economic SYSTEM has been gamed for 4 decades by the hyper wealthy . THEY own , politicians , bankers and their PACS have destroyed the common weal .Many are FINALLY waking up to this ruse and are fed up ,. Hopefully now the utter chicanery of super delegates and the establishment controlling outcomes will be exposed for the corruption that is is .

Anonymous said...

Sanders is a SOCIALIST! If he becomes President our taxes will skyrocket to allow the government to give us everything!

Anonymous said...

6:41 PM, you are totally clueless. Sanders and the rest of the dummycrats are the ones who pushed mortgages on people who can't maintain a car, much less a home.
And these poor "victims" can't possibly take care of themselves. That's why we need to pay for their lunches and healthcare when they spend thousands of dollars on tats, cell phones, pets, dance lessons, college classes they don't go to, 3 dollar energy drinks and 5 dollar coffees.
And before you say blah blah blah got a government bailout, true republicans didn't want them either. In fact, we strive to keep money out of the grubby paws of politicians.

12:10 PM, you sound like a typical self righteous liberal. If only we were bright enough to see it through the lens of genius as you do. Classic Dunning–Kruger effect...

Anonymous said...

6:41, you just stick with that war on the poor stuff. You must be one of the best golfers in the world, as it were.