Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bernie Comes to Syracuse

    Those feeling the Bern will get a chance to see the Vermont Senator in Syracuse on Tuesday as the NY primary approaches. The event is at the 5000 seat On Center and if past is prologue, he should fill the room.
     This may be the closest the top contenders get to Watertown as so far only John Kasich has a stopped planned for up here.   Donald Trump has a planned stop in Syracuse on Saturday but has no stop planned in NNY where there are fewer GOP votes and the party leadership is reportedly backing Governor Kasich.


Anonymous said...

Feeling the Bern is another way of saying I want free stuff.

WDT's reports: "SLU riders advance to nationals after first place finishes in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association Zone II Championship".

I can't wait until Senator freestuff makes college free, so that all students can pursue their equestrian inalienable rights. The college that his wife left in financial ruin would then be able to buy the horses that all college students deserve.

Anonymous said...

With our local politicans one can only assume that its sure that
Addie backs Hillary
Patty backs Bernie
Blank backs Trump
McDougal backing Hillary
Currier backing Hillary
Ashley backing Bernie
Elise backing Hillary
Graham Trump
Butler Trump
Doheny Trump
Byrnes Hillary
Finley Trump
Hank Ford Trump

Anonymous said...

Alright Kasich!