Sunday, April 24, 2016

Be Nice Bernie, and We'll Let You Have Your Own Super PAC.....Gag Me....

   The Democratic old guard and establishment are for the most part trying to play nice on TV suggesting Bernie Sanders must finish out the primaries devoid of his biting criticism of the frontrunner.
    Stop all that stuff about the Wall Street transcripts and Clinton Foundation dealings.
    Today former PA Governor Ed Rendell was on TV and showed how establishment he is when he suggested after Sanders loses he can be influential by setting up his own Super PAC and wielding power that way.  Mr. Rendell clearly hasn't paid attention to the Sanders message, and his patronizing suggestion shows why Bernie will never be all in for Hillary if she gets the nomination.

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Anonymous said...

YOU clearly are not paying attention to the Sanders message.
Sanders makes it clear that HIS donators are completely valid and the only ones that are valid.

When the millions of perpetual college kids, who take 12 credit hours of BS basket weaving courses every semester, but don't go to class, vote for him and give him money, in anticipation of getting $19 trillion in free stuff, then it is completely legitimate democracy in his kookie eyes. Therefore it is completely legitimate if he wants to raise money for a PAC.

Its only the rest of the country who donates to politics that are crooked and self serving in his eyes. But not HIS greedy freestuff way, no how.