Thursday, April 28, 2016

As Coverage Expands of Mary Rain's Reign, What Will Happen With Her Signature Case ?-

    It's now been five years since Oral Hillary was charged with killing a Potsdam youth. The trial is slated for this summer. Justice isn't swift in the Big County and while everyone says the swirling storm around the county's DA won't affect anything, you have to think the jury pool will be aware of allegations of impropriety and it has to lower prosecution credibility...especially in a case so old with recollections now better defined as history than current events.
     Syracuse media has picked up on the Mary Rain story. But again, at $3500 a week, just keep going till the voters kick you out.
     As for Mr. Hillary, who knows if he's guilty ?  
Judge accuses St. Lawrence DA Mary Rain of prosecutorial abuse with big trial looming |

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