Monday, April 18, 2016

Addie Russell Press Releases: Let 17 Year Olds Vote in Presidentail Primaries

    Huh...a press release urging amendment of the NYS Constitution to allow 17 year olds who will be 18 by November in a Presidential year to vote in primaries for the Presidency.

      Why do we need this ?  Seventeen year olds can wait.

Addie Russell Press Releases


Anonymous said...

Don't let them drink or smoke or pay for their own insurance or BC pills. But let them vote for Bernie freestuff in the primary.

Hey Addie, maybe you should prorate their votes over the term of the office. Why should a kid have to live under 1460 days of a president he couldn't vote for, just because he was born a day late. Right? If the kid is going to be 18 for over half the term, they should get to vote when they are 16 and have it count for half, etc. Right?

Anonymous said...

Ms Ritchie would have been quicker with the bill however she wanted to include legislation altering all of the old movies that had smokers in them.. Why dont the government just go after the tobbaco companies and put them out of business. Ms Ritchie is a firm believer in a taxpayers rights.. The right to pay taxes..If E cigs are bad and I cant say they are or arnt why not attack the problem at the scource instead of just beating around the bush.. Ciggerettes are bad.. Ban them and shut down where they come from.. Dont beat around the bush Patty like you do to make your self look good.