Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Deeper Look Inside Watertown's Proposed Budget | WWNY TV 7

      The deeper look is appreciated but don't worry, it won't be too deep.  And for all the other taxing jurisdictions in the area, there won't be a look at all....It's just too involved and time consuming.

      There will be consternation and confusion about the budget and the proposals tucked within it. I'm more than happy to have folks on the HOTLINE to discuss it.

       Some of the suggestions and assertions I agree with....Others I can dispute and debate.

      When it's all said and done, I'll pay the tax, whatever it is.

A Deeper Look Inside Watertown's Proposed Budget | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

Today I think I heard you mischaracterize the money city council spent on the heavy hitting union busting lawyer. Its not $160k per year, it is up to $160k for the entire negotiation.

But as we see today, it comes out that the democrat judge in RINO county who filed politically based charges against Rain woman, has a history of attacking Rain woman in Oswego county too. And knowing that all these judges are political by nature, it makes sense to hire a heavy hitter lawyer to negotiate from down closer to the donkey headquarter cesspool, rather than roll the dice with a has been lad's firm or some other political firm north of the cesspool, that has no political clout.

I mean, I just assume this Irish lawyer from down state is going to give a nod and a wink to the courts and arbitrators and things will suddenly be called in favor of the city tax payer for a change.

Anonymous said...

"A deeper look" lmao in WWNY 60-90 sound bite I doubt it. Let's face it, WWNY only gives 6 mins (A block) of what call news.

And the Canadian's analysis came down to him joking about people in the 3 counties "feeling the Bern"

Anonymous said...

The Canadian's analysis..Lmao,but he really isn't Canadian anymore,now he is a northern new York woodchuck like the rest of us.Come to think of it,that is apt,because he closely resembles a woodchuck.

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe but the Northpole Fire Dept. is having a "fundraiser" to buy a bulletproof vest for the COW's Police Dog, one would think the COW has money for this or maybe the PBA??