Thursday, April 7, 2016

33 GOP chairs back Trump |

    Thirty three GOP county chairs in NY have backed Donald Trump for President....That's out of 62 counties.  Wonder what the local chairs are doing ? Good job for the MSM tomorrow to find out.

     After the Doheny endorsement of Trump, I assumed the Jefferson County Committee would follow suit...but maybe not .

     GOP chairs back Trump; Cruz in upstate |


Anonymous said...

I think Doheny thought that might happen too. That everyone would follow his lead and endorse Trump, proving himself to be a powerful and in touch leader who is ahead of the curve. But instead he heard crickets. I think the silence speaks volumes about how far he has fallen down the NNY political power ladder. Ultimately his solo and arguably wholly irrelevant endorsement was kind of sad.

Anonymous said...

12:13 You forgot to name call LOSER like the candidate he is supporting would casually label him.

Anonymous said...

Doheny did not think that. As can be seen by Coons past deeds in contested races he does not have the local GOP endorse anyone. He has been consistent.

He gets blasted if he endorses , he gets blasted if he takes the position that in a primary the voters should choose,

Tough position for Mr. Coon. I for one am glad he is consistent.

Anonymous said...

Nobody cares what Doheny says or does.

UPSTATE vs DOWNSTATE plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Whereverything is Mr. DGM Coon on this?

Anonymous said...

12:13 Funny you should point this out. As Trump is now veering right and turning to the entrenched establishment consultants as his advisors aka Guilianni, and new campaign mgr. the infighting is just starting.

So to the fools that rushed in, the Doheny types as he cruelly lambasts and excoriates those that dare criticize or don't endorse him with the juvi name calling, liars, losers, idiots,chokers,bimbos, ugly women it certainly will be telling when boasting and working on this thing for 4 or five months now that he will take all 95 delegates.

Ain't going to happen folks, since the very NY establishment types that got us into this mess try to sell themselves as the outsiders and the revolutionary tea party types to the Donald will come off as failures.

Anonymous said...

Yes, very sad 12:13. I agree.

Middle-Class Mike said...

Maybe Mr. Doheny just liked what Donald Trump stood for, and unlike others -names unmentioned, could make a decision to endorse like anyone here. Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

5:07, that's a nice sentiment but I think what really happened was that within a matter of days Paladino put out 2 requests to politicians: 1. For politicians to endorse Trump and 2. For a republican to step up and challenge Stefanik. So I think what was really going on was Doheny did as Paladino requested and endorsed Trump, hoping Paladino and other non-establishment politicos would embrace him and support him in a Stefanik challenge. But even though Paladino wanted a challenger I think he knew that Doheny was not the guy for the job. Frankly, anyone who followed the 2014 primary would know that Doheny was not the guy for the job. Anyone except Doheny, that is.

I agree with 12:13 that it was probably a strategic move by Doheny to reemerge into the public eye and test the waters. And the timing with Paladino's noise only added to my suspicions. But wiser heads ultimately prevailed and didn't embrace Doheny as he had hoped. The attempt to reengage clearly fell on deaf ears and his endorsement made him look like that single dead leaf that hangs by a thread to a tree branch in the middle of winter. Making everyone wonder when he'll finally drop off and simply blow away.