Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wisconsin Poll Shows Parties Have the Wrong Frontrunners

    The new Marquette Law poll shows not just the horse race in the Badger State, but also it shows how much better a candidate Bernie Sanders and John Kasich are in general election match ups.
     Senator Sanders sports massive leads among younger voters and looks to roll over Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin.  Donald Trump is faltering there on the GOP side.
     Senator Sanders outstrips all three Republican opponents by big margins and better margins than Mrs. Clinton.


Anonymous said...

It seems that there is a lot of emphasis put on popular-vote polling this year. Seems odd after finally living through several presidential elections where the media actually recognized that presidential elections are won by delegates and swing states are what matter.

In other words, Wisconsin doesn't mean squat.

Anonymous said...

This election (Primary) dosnt mean squat..This as everything in the US is broken and outdated.
Primary voting is a farce with places like Louisiana where you can lose an election but win the delegates or these super delegates who get to vote the way the want and screw the voters. Who are the voters anyway. There opinion shouldnt count they are only put on this earth to pay taxes to the rich and elite establishment can be come richer and rule us.
Mr Trump has offered a platform that appeals to alot of us but the very very rich and corrupt people like who run these superpacs are trying to destroy his run.. The TV networks are 90 percent biased against Mr Trump and theres nothing that seems to sway them from trying to destroy him.
The other night I heard ISIS may have a mini neuculear weapon and I should have been worried but wasnt as I knew from all my years of watching this shit it was only a US setup to i nvade someone or start a war somewhere, or a terrorist attack somewhere giving this group of media something to salavate for..
We know the Republican party will deny Trump the nomination somehow or he will probably end up dead blaming some homeless person for it.

Anonymous said...

The most important poll I have seen is 180,000 Pennsylvania democrats becoming republicans. That is enough votes to put Pa. into the r column. Trumps strength in the rust belt, which usually votes democrat, would give him the White House. The dems know this. That is why they are attacking him before the convention. I am a Cruz fan, but Trump wins the Electoral College by a large margin, even if he loses the popular vote.

NY21inMD said...

Each state party chooses its method for selecting delegates to their nominating convention based on national party rules. There is no individual right to vote in a primary or participate in a caucus. (Nor is there a "constitutional" right to vote in a general election for that matter.) As it is now, under the rules of both major parties, a candidate that has the majority of delegates from the primaries and caucuses going into the convention gets the nomination. It will be interesting to see if, and how, the Republican Party "establishment" alters their rules to deny Donald Trump the nomination. This is better than reality TV.

Anonymous said...

1024.. If he dosnt his campaign will have to arrange to have Jeb Bush show him how to fix an election then the Supreme court say you cant recount...