Monday, March 21, 2016

Why it’s time for a Trump revolution | New York Post

      The Post's Michael Goodwin sums it up....Sometimes you wonder if its the right thing but in the end you conclude it is. 

     Donald Trump provides the vehicle for shaking it up, and there are more people who feel that way than you would think. 

      Why it’s time for a Trump revolution | New York Post


Anonymous said...

We just saw another terrorist attack occur, when it starts happening daily on our soils then people might sit up and start calling Obama's administration an utter failure. I'm not sure who is worst Obama down in Cuba agreeing with the dictator that he can't disagree with one thing that Raul utter as to how bad America is OR the already worn out tiring to listen and look at Trump as being the ugly American. And people wish to vote for this individual, how low we have sunk in our expectations of exceptional people we believe can lead this county.

If all five were to cease campaigning and let's just get to the contested convention on the GOP and the FBI steps in on Hillary, let's just get it over with, it would be fine by me.

Honestly, having to watch this reality show entertainer is starting to gnaw on everyone

Anonymous said...

750.. Obama should have come home once Castro didnt show up at the greeting at the Airport. As far as Trump goes learn to say HAIL TO THE CHIEF... Donald Trump is a realist and will be the next president of the US. Unable to be bought by lobbists, unable to be influenced by the big Military complex in this country, unable to be swayed by our war starting dirty tactics CIA and its corrupt leaders. Hillary will never be charged so get over it.. If you dont want Trump dont vote for him. If you dont to watch the reality show turn it to other channels and as far as gnawing on something GNAW on this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

The writer of the Post article is not far from the truth, if not right on target. As a conservative, Cruz would be my choice. I have worked with enough NYC developers to have serious reservations about Trump's reliability, but he is on the right side of all of the issues affecting the average man. While no conservative, and a likely RINO, he is definitely shaking things up, which is not entirely a bad thing.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

"Shake things up?" Ha .. okay, guess what falls out?

* End of our entire system as "the Donald" employs business tactics 100% ... his talent ...

* FYI: government is not a business ... and not a contract negotiation process... that Trump implies.

* Morons all around him - with him at that center: My way, our you're fired. After all, he professes to know more than anyelse, right... he reads a lot on-line.

* Hatred will be the operative word across DC (as if we don't have enough already)?

Whew boy.