Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wendy and Chuck to Grapple for Seat

    Remember Wendy Long ? Probably not, but she is running again for Senator Chuck Schumer's seat.  The GOP State Committee gave her the nod Friday and Ms. Long said she will lead the charge to take government back from the "ruling class".
     Ms. Long visited the Hot Line in her last campaign.  For a statewide candidate, that means you are not the favorite...However she was engaging and knowledgable on issues, and we welcome her again this cycle.
     Senator Schumer has become a NNY favorite largely due to his ubiquitous nature in all the state's 62 counties, and as the possible next Majority Leader,  he has clout.
     When Chuck Schumer beat Senator Al D'Amato in 1998, he lost Jefferson County, only garnering the baseline Dem vote in the low thirties. Six years later he reversed that, largely due to the strong attention he gave the area with many visits.
     After years of absence by Moynihan and D'Amato, many of us had never seen a US Senator so often, proving the old bromide that the world is often run by those who show up.


Anonymous said...

Lets not forget that he won automatically in the rest of the state because he has a "D" next to his name, so he can afford to take some time courting the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Wendy will get my vote.

Anonymous said...

Minority Leader?