Saturday, March 26, 2016

WDT: Wind Foes Need to Be Careful What they Wish For

      Wind debates continue..Over PILOTs, over whether they fit in....Up in Clayton the fight we thought ended down the road is engaged again with some people looking for special designation as a scenic site, thus preventing wind and just about everything else from being built.  Sounds like blue line to me, but frankly I don't follow wind as closely as others.
     I always have seen the debate as between those who are struggling and those who are all set in life. Sort of like those who attend cocktail parties at the Boat Museum and those who don't.
      It's not a resolvable issue, period.
Watertown Daily Times | Advocates see SASS as tool in fight against Horse Creek wind project


Anonymous said...

If anything, you have to give credit for the folks in Clayton for keeping the meetings civil, as opposed to the savages in Cape Vincent.

Anonymous said...

Cape Vincent just refuses to stop making a fool of itself. They hate the wind, but they have to look at a zillion spinners right in front of their fact. Hilarious. But the Cape should be grateful for Sackets. The stop the Dollar General signs are equally absurd. The store is two miles outside your village, boys and girls. Not too smart.

Anonymous said...

You have to give credit to the double poster above with his double nonsense. Not too smart...but credit worthy nonetheless.

Yes this is a debate between the struggling and those set for life. Those set for life folks, have their waterfront in Martha's Vineyard or the Hamptons and they don't worry about windmills popping up in their scenery. They need to develop big wind here, in partnership with big energy and big tax breaks, so that they can afford to evade taxes by registering their yachts in a different state than they actually live. The John Kerry tax evasion plan.

Meanwhile, the poor people who bought their slice of paradise in such pedestrian spots as the Cape or Clayton, can learn not to notice the giant industrial wind turbines.

Anonymous said...

Wind mills and solar farms are subsidized thru our tax dollars and higher utility rates. They make no economic sense.

Anonymous said...

No 2:02, you must be a product of military intelligence. You may have even gone to leadership school. Cool. Don't think so much. Play golf. Be happy.

Ray said...

There is much dead rock covered land in the Bay, perfect for wind Mills. If indeed they are needed. But they are not so much needed. They produce more electric power than can be used, and there is no long term storage for the extra power. So they are not effective. They waste money we could use to produce a way to store power for months. Demand these companies put time and money into what we need. Not what they can make millions on, pulling a big con!