Saturday, March 19, 2016

WDT: Stefanik secures all 12 county GOP reelection endorsements in NY-21

     For Representative Elise Stefanik, the path to the GOP nomination this year is much easier than two years ago.  The 12 county committees all back her this time. Last time eleven did, but the one that didn't was home to the bitter primary challenge by Matt Doheny.
      On this date two years ago, what is apparent now was clouded by myopic and parochial news coverage. It was also hand to hand combat pitting a well established two time candidate against a  young tyro unknown to most.
      Tempers ran high, as the primary resolved the matter and Stefanik went on to win in November.
       All ancient history now.
Watertown Daily Times | Stefanik secures all 12 county GOP reelection endorsements in NY-21


Anonymous said...

You supported two losers the years before. Does that make you myopic and parochial?

These endorsements are not much help. If I recall, woolfie had something similar on the donkey side.

Absent any unusual circumstances, the nomination is automatic for all incumbents.

Anonymous said...

Where is Matt Doheny nowadays? He has been MIA for nearly 2 years. So much for his commitment to NNY...

Anonymous said...

I guess no one is listening to Paladino

Anonymous said...

11:17 - It's weird. I'm thinking Matt's Trump endorsement, which Paladino requested of all NNY politicians, and Paladino's request for a Republican alternative to Stefanik are very much tied together. I think Doheny was gunning to be that alternative and was testing the waters to see how responsive people would be to his endorsement. That's why he got the paper and the TV news to cover the story, which we all know really wasn't really a newsworthy story. He needed the publicity to ensure that enough people saw it to be able to gauge the reaction to his potential eturn to politics. I think he thought if he adhered to the wishes of Paladino and led the pack of people endorsing Trump, which would show his commitment to that side of the party, he would be setting himself up to be the chosen Stefanik alternative. But no one else took the Paladino bait so now Doheny is left hanging out there with this weird meaningless Trump endorsement. Compound that with the 12 county support for Stefanik and it looks like Matt's attempt to reemerge as the brave new candidate ready to take on Stefanik in a primary has already fizzled out.

I agree with you though, if Matt did something in the community OTHER THAN SIMPLY RUNNING FOR OFFICE people might be more responsive to his candidacy down the road. But the way it stands now, the only thing he seems to care about is getting electing, not actually serving the community. He needs to prove his intentions are legitimate and not selfish. So far I have seen no evidence of that.

Anonymous said...

3:47 Thoughtful clear analysis of Matt's typically poorly calculated vision of his standing in our area and his never ending desire of his entitled term of 'greatness' and leadership is spot on.

Uh hummm, didn't he get the word that the last 'consultant' public relation firm that assisted him with his 'candidacy' not outwardly on the NeverTrump gang, including the Big Al. They fleeced him to the turn of 3/4 of a cool mill last time, this time his still stained dollars couldn't even buy a Trump since they are on the side of the Dems.

You seem to think he is capable of reinventing himself, why even give this loser a moments more thought. He is a laughingstock to all that associates with.

Anonymous said...

Folks, It's what she has NOT done that bothers me. WATERTOWN is no better off economically since she took office.
She protects Fort Drum funding, but neglects the needs of our military as a whole. The F-35 is costing the military budget way too much, but we don't hear ANY comment from her on that. We only hear of how great are additions to funding for all the benefits she supports for military and their families. What about the main purpose OF her position on the House Armed Services Committee? You know-how well our country can defend itself from ANY attack or attacks. Not nearly as well as when she became a member of that Committee. We have less people in our combined services now than were just in VIETNAM. Where is her concern for the weakening of our defenses? And thus-where is her accountability for THIS crucial failure?