Saturday, March 5, 2016

WDT: Social Media Deemed OK Means to Keep in Touch With Constituents and Share Views

            Unopposed races and our natural tendency to trail the rest of the world may have slowed the use of social media by politicians, but at least our state reps are on line using Facebook as a means of sharing information and views as well as hearing from constituents.
           The Internet is not a perfect means, but sharing such things is beneficial to at least those who want to pay attention.
            I was able to do that right here with countless photos of city and community activities that were interesting but didn't rise to the level of conventional news.
            The pols have long had official web sites, but social media allows for more informal interaction.  The trailblazers up here were Ted Ford and an undisclosed person who years back started the informative Danger Democrat and Political IV blogs.

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