Saturday, March 19, 2016

WDT: Nurses rally for safer staffing levels at Samaritan Medical Center (VIDEO)

      You just assume there are enough people when you land in a hospital....but nurses say no there are not....They held a demonstration Friday at Samaritan.

Watertown Daily Times | Nurses rally for safer staffing levels at Samaritan Medical Center (VIDEO)


Anonymous said...

Just got out of a Samaritan stay. Wonderful treatment by the nurses. I have no words that could thank them enough.

Why does that hospital force nurses to run around crazy trying to care for their patients, while paying Carman a million dollars a year? Makes no sense. Support the people who help us. Not some figurehead who only enriches himself.

Ray said...

My mother said it looked like there wasn't enough staff the last time she was is in. It also the week they made a big deal about being full. When I took her home there were many empty beds. I thought she was just being cranky. But I bet she was correct. I heard one nurse saying she worked an over long shift. For all the money they soak you, they should have staff.

Anonymous said...

That hospital has a long history starting back in the early 80s when they bullied the workers into pay cuts and forced to pick up the slack for the ones who were laid off. And who can forget the selling a large section of a city street for peanuts. Tax payers this time around are not going to let any council members sell off woodruff street , they are buying all the homes on that street. two more left on the end of the street and they own the whole block.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Ray. I mean your mother is right. Very short on staff. The nurses have a valid point.

Anonymous said...

3:56, things must have changed in the last twelve months. Last time i was there was like the dozens of other times I was there for a loved one. The nurses are usually busy taking breaks or hanging out chitchatting and yucking it up with the next shift.

Luckily, the nurses union arranged it so the senior experienced nurses can all work days and leave the ones that are learning the job, to work overnight where your loved ones will be exposed to less than adequate care.

When is the last time I was surveyed about my experience there? Long ago before they had a monopoly, that's when.

Anonymous said...

Samaritan direct caregivers are great. Doctors and their physician assistants can be arrogant and disengaged. Significantly dilutes the impact of nurses and aides. My mom was admitted, discharged and readmitted in 3 hours.

Tirene like their millions. Better than Obama at believing what he says. Tough to live on 1.2 million per year in the north country He and his leaders and Board should be ashamed but they are not.

As they say it may be bad medicine but it is not illegal. We deserve better but going to Samaritan is like getting a black tag unless you have a vocal advocate.

Anonymous said...

Yup just look at your bill if you have to stay a day or two,it is enough to buy a car..but they run the employees like serfs,just like every other business does today to make money off their backs.

Anonymous said...

7:11, I always believed what you say is true. Then I was a patient, and learned otherwise. There are no words I can say that would tell how grateful I am to the care the nurses at Samaritan provided. I think sometimes we believe the rumor mill and buy into the belief that the nurses are lazy and ineffective. I did that too. But I was so wrong. They do all they can for us. I have to disagree completely with your views.

Now on to the million dollar chief over there. There is no way that "non-profit" should be lining his pockets like that. And this is in no way connected to the current labor situation. I just think that kind of salary to a guy whose service is questionable should receive a million dollars a year.

rick aldrich said...

Too big, too fast, going to get too big for their britches, starting with the Summit. Much like the Stock Market, they will come crashing down, and will be looking for a bailout. Samaritan has forgotten, what it took to get them here; the people who work there. They should look to Syracuse , for examples, of why north country residents, choose a vast majority of care options, at those hospitals.

Anonymous said...

The nurses are just following the lead of the city fire department thugs. They want mandatory built in OT and its for YOUR SAFETY. How can you be against SAFETY?

Anonymous said...

Tirene has a severance package of at least 3 years salary. Multiple millions. Board gave him everything Tirene wanted.

You a mandated to double shifts and no breaks for you you lowly nurse!

Anonymous said...

There's a reason you see someone arrested at the emergency room for disorderly conduct every month or so. Worst customer service ever.

Anonymous said...

Different situation, 10:29. There is no fire dept official making a million dollars a year. If Samaritan has that kind of money, they can afford to pay nurses accordingly, and staff accordingly. I agree the fire boys are greedy. But it is not the same.

Anonymous said...

what does Ms. Kettle have to say on these comments one wonders. Is there a story here Watertown Dreary Times? Get thee to Wellesley Island and Manor Carmen.

Anonymous said...

I do not live in Watertown and am not affiliated with Samaritan ,but the business of healthcare is changing rapidly ALL OVER THE US.

THE EMPHASIS is now on OUTPATIENT care .rather than INPATIENT .care Preventive medicine and primary care is the norm .

The insurance industry and reimbursements from Medicare and Medicaid reflect this . Thus inpatient census at MOST hospitals is declining while OUTPATIENT services ar expanding to fill the gap. Length of stay is also subject to financial penalty if it exceeds industry benchmarks



Nurses and other healthcare providers work very diligently to provise the highest quality care for the lowest possible cost in order to serve patients AND to sustain what is often the LARGEST economic engine in a community .

So while we all are perplexed with what has become an extremely complex and competitive environment , we need to better understand that environment before we take pot shots from the hip based on emotion rather than reality .

Ps : NOT a healthcare worker either , just one who has invested effort and looked at the industry analytically .