Wednesday, March 30, 2016

WDT: Hillary Clinton to visit Syracuse Friday

     The New York primary is going to be fun to watch and looking past her likely loss in Wisconsin, Secretary Hillary Clinton is already campaigning in NY....a state Senator Bernie Sanders hopes to make a stand in. The former First Lady and Senator will be in Syracuse on Friday.  Will she be wearing orange ?

      NY will also be the make or break for Donald Trump, who appears headed for defeat in Wisconsin as well. 

      The media who enjoyed toying with Trump early on now realize their obligation to Mrs. Clinton to defeat him at any cost. 

Watertown Daily Times | Hillary Clinton to visit Syracuse Friday


Anonymous said...

The media has an obligation to donkey central to defeat Trump at any cost, Hillary or not.
Actually, it costs them nothing. They get to run millions of negative advertisements every day against him and call it journalism.

Anonymous said...

Teddy, Is Addie beating you to the punch and rolling out her red carpet for Queen Hilldabeast for her upcoming visit?

Anonymous said...

Does the press have the nerve to ask the Queen if she agrees with The Guvs. stance in boycotting all travel to NC? What is the NY left so intolerant of other states rights and legislation that they deem a symbol of a female and male body on a restroom door should be honored as the correct gender of who uses that specific restroom.

Hillary needs to answer why my rights should be infringed upon when I cannot even entertain the thought that my young preteen daughter should find it normal when entering a restroom and seeing an adult male in the same restroom. I don't give a crap about the male's feelings for the day that he might particularly feel like a woman anyday of the week depending on how masculine his lady friend makes him feel.

Where does Hillary and our own Guv. feel that they have the dictatorial right they can singularly make the decision of where are state money and resources can be sent for their own social issues that are not within the majority of the mainstream of America???

Anonymous said...

Good for her. Do we really over look her job she already did in D.C.? NYS she did okay for. But no super job. As a very important part of government, she failed bad. Ask people in South America. Ask our Military. I still do not like her comment....

What difference at this point does it make? Do any of us get past that?

Anonymous said...

11:09 Ahmmmmmmm, Then Senator Clinton did not pass any piece of legislation during her tenure as our Senator. Please provide any sources to contradict this point. This was her stepping stone to higher I'm not sure what. Bill found to keep himself busy and remain manly he spent his time 20 or so flying on the pimp airplane with a charged male adult for doing underaged girls.