Monday, March 21, 2016

WDT: Hang 'em High ! Call for Justice Against Morristown Scofflaw

      Justice is seldom served in election law cases, although I will stipulate up front that what the former Morristown board member did was improper, but likely not uncommon given the perfunctory nature of gathering nominating petitions in the countless local, uncontested elections.
     Clearly Mr. VanArnum had someone looking and he forgot the first rule of politics....CYA....Probably not something thought of in such an office or in such a small place.
     I have always been aware of this pitfall since the much publicized 'petition on the drug store counter' case in Watertown decades ago.
     Few understand election law or the rationale behind petitions. It's inside baseball and this guy got sloppy and got caught...Whether given her other challenges , the Times' choice for DA needs to pursue this with  vengeance is debatable
Watertown Daily Times | Justice must be served: Mary Rain should press case against former Morristown official


Anonymous said...

I,m missing some information I think.. Why was Vanarnum arrained in Town Canton Court?? Why not Morristown?? Did Morristown rescuse himself.?? Why Canton?? Why not Heuvelton?? Possibly Ogdensburg??? Was this arraigned by the defense who is a friend of the Canton Justice???
Mary Rain has preached justice and taking the high road for two years now.. Morristown deserves justice not VanArnum deserves jail or fines or both, Morristownd deserves justice..
If he lied on a sworn statement hes guilty and deserves what he gets.. Most of all the citizens of the Morristown district deserve better than wha they got this year.. No one should be re-elected that resigned.. Mr Murray should be defeated in the next election if hes as guilty as he looks now. Responsible people who dont have only their own interests should be elected and I hope residents learn not to Party vote in the future but vote based on personal knowledge of the individuals running.
Our State Senator acted disgracefully in this matter while our Assembly person did the right thing and got a Supervisor named quickly for the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

He should have just killed his wife and assaulted the old couple that tried to help. Or else killed a Chihuahua when a little kid was walking it. Then he wouldn't have had to worry about being prosecuted and Perrykos wouldn't write and editorial about it.

Anonymous said...

Insane Rain is at it again. And, as has happened so many tines before, she will likely come up short because, while Mr. VanArnam might not have followed the rules as he should have, it will be extremely hard for her to establish felony intent.

Anonymous said...

Who cares who watched who sign a Petition.

Mary Rain might better pay attention to the real cases that she has and leave the little ones alone.

What a joke.

Votes win the election not signatures on a Petition.

Anonymous said...

2:43, very well said. This reeks of malicious prosecution and selective enforcement. What does she want to do here? Make and example out of someone over a stupid election law? No, she wants to stick it so someone for personal reasons. Rain should just come clean and register as the democrat she is.