Thursday, March 24, 2016

WDT: Factory Street Project to Drag On and On

     The Factory Street reconstruction project will try the patience of motorists and businesses.  It may not be complete till next year and frustration will mount.


John Eisenhauer said...

I read the article in the WDT regarding this. I'd be interested to see the Cost-Benefit Analysis done by the city to support Mr. Wood's statement "It’s not practical to do. It’s going to cost the city money and delay the project." Does that CBA take into account the impact on the businesses or was it only looked at through the myopic lens of the direct costs to the city for the construction contract? Do the short-term increased costs to the city outweigh the benefit of sustaining these businesses in the long term? Maybe they should hire an economist (I am not one). Some past statements by city leadership regarding sunk costs raise concerns about decision making. The fact that you've put money into a study on a project is irrelevant to whether or not you pursue a project (economically, that is). What they need to be looking at is not the sunk cost that they'll never recover, but rather the cost-benefit, going forward, of the proposed project.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr. Rowland but this is one more gift from Albany to you and instead of worrying about how much money it costs you, you shold thank them.

You see, the employees who are working part time on this project, only earn$40 to $60 per hour at scale rate and it is too much to ask them to work weekends or daylight hours.

And it is too much to ask the city to build into the contract, wording to minimize the disruptions to traffic flow. Although if this were Washington street on the south side, it would definitely stay open both directions, as much as possible. But on your side of town, they need two weeks to get used to the new pattern.

Speaking of which, have you considered moving your business to the south side of the city? Well, don't bother, because it is too quaint to get business approval over there. But if you want to close your place down, we would love to convert your building to low income housing.

Ima said...

I'm in the wrong business if $125,000 is 25% of his profits in the last 7 months.

Anonymous said...

ima guessing you are not in business at all, since it doesn't specify if he lost $125k net income or gross income.