Monday, March 28, 2016

WDT: Eating With Regular People

      It's refreshing to see a common diner the subject of a newspaper restaurant review and this week Big Hungry Shelby visited the Brookview Diner on State Street.  Some years back, a previous reviewer lost my interest when he started using his status and expense account in places like Kingston and Lake Placid.
      Keeping it local and thus relevent is how you make journalism interesting to a local audience.


dajeep said...

Happy Dyngus Day today. Mr. Mayor, you can have some of those Polish Eggs you speak of, and put some horseradish on them. Wash it down with some devils brew. And also have a shot(or two) of Krupnik. Dobrze Smakuje.

Ray said...

I love the comments from Big. Always fair. Just tries to tell how the food was, service, and the place in general.

Anonymous said...

I have had breakfast a couple of times at the Brookside Diner. Good food pleasant server, regular folks... I agree with the review!