Saturday, March 19, 2016

WDT: The Drum They Love to Beat at 260

    Perry's screed against IDA hubris and largesse is certainly spot on.  The lack of accountability of agencies is epic and they employ their own legal counsel to rationalize what they do.
     Like anything with a laudable goal (creating jobs, jobs, jobs),  government-run economic development can justify any usurpation of taxing authority or decision making without question.
      IDA board members were never elected by the public, but get to decide who pays taxes and who doesn't. Fact is every tax exemption should be approved by a legislative body accountable through elections to the people.  It's not something I would have wanted to do, and that's why there would be far fewer of them if I had to vote on them.
     The creation of standard PILOTs merely spared legislative bodies the headlines for every time my (and your) money is given to someone else on the down low.
       This genie is out of the bottle and the County Legislature doesn't seem inclined to put it back in, Chairman Scott Gray is making an effort.
       By the way. It's not personal against The Donald (ours, not the other one). This goes on all over, and is only bad when some one or some entity we don't like gets the free stuff.
       But a good column by Perry, as I always am fair and balanced in my take on local media.

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Anonymous said...

But when the legislative bodies are less accountable than the IDA' catch my drift. With the gross mismanagement of city tax dollars over the past 5-10 years, could you imagine having our council check off on any business loan? Talk about hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

As a person who has contacted his County Legislator about the JCIDA, I believe it needs to be dismantled and started over, from a man who was told not to enroll employees in the NYS retirement system,(and yes Jay will get a pension for being a front man for the slaughterhouse 5) to the same man who old his paper mill with JCIDA financing(don't forget DANC) and the mill hasn't produced anything as of date just free money for it... The JCIDA needs to be torn down and started over................

Anonymous said...

Add your take on Samaria staffing g, Jeff in the spirit of balance. That should draw some traffic

Anonymous said...

How is it that zoning laws have been passed in practically every municipality, which limit a business sign to a height of 20 to 50 feet in height, yet windmills can put up monstrosity eyesores 50 times as tall?
Why wouldn't it be on an equal legal footing, to pass zoning laws allowing that windmills are legal but only allowed to be up to 20 feet tall? I was just outside and noticed that the wind blows even down at my height. This law would solve the problem of industrial wind developers having a terrible aesthetic impact on land miles away from what they own.

Also, the zoning could try to treat them the same as the cell tower developers. They could be allowed up to one windmill 150' tall if the blades are no larger than 5 feet and they share a tower for other uses.

There are also plenty of height restrictions for houses and business and flagpoles.

Why are industrial wind developers immune from having the same zoning goals and rules applied to their windmills?