Thursday, March 31, 2016

WDT: Assigned to the Pole Beat a Nice Change of Pace for Reporter

      Looks like Aerial Arts Fitness is doing well since it opened last year, and I noticed a nice feature story in the WDT written by veteran City Hall reporter Craig Fox. 

      Mr. Fox seemed to adjust well to a day on the pole beat.  Sure beats covering school board.

Watertown Daily Times | Local group faces the twists and turns of pole dancing competition


Anonymous said...

I thought Mr Fox was trying out for a part-time job when I first read this article.
Reading in the Journal this AM about the alledged inmate beating in the Ogdensburg Correctional Facility that happened last week and remember reading another article about a guard at Dannamora facing charges about beating and brutalizing inmates. His nickname was Captain America and he also worked for some time at the Ogdensburg facility..
The head of the union representing the guards stated there was no beating thus we are to accept his word..
My concern is simply the way this persons family is being treated along with getting to the bottom of the allegations.
I know alot of turnkeys in the Ogdensburg prisons and there seems to be a culture of the (Control Freak) and (I,m the man) in these people.We have to beat these people and we have to dominate these individuals and punish these individuals to keep them in line. I dont know about that as I thought it was up to real law enforcement to arrest and charge these people with crimes, the DA prosecutes these individuals and a jury finds them guilty or not.. Then a judge decides the punitve punishment fitting the crime. Then hes sentenced to prison where he is committed. They are then given a set of rules they must live by and if they dont they are entitled to hearings and found guilty or not guilty of the infractions. Then an impartial party gives them their punishments..I cannot find where beating, harrassment and degrading are allowed anywhere in this state..
I personally feel this guys getting the Shaft and the union is standing behind criminals in their own right the guards. This paticular Union Rep and some of his family have a cloudy history in Ogdensburg themselves and I dont believe him one bit.

Anonymous said...

9:37 No worries. Soon very soon our Justice Dept. will be granting clemency or get out of jail passes, weekend visits all in the name of
compassion. What are we up to maybe 7-10 thousand criminals let go early and efforts to drop the box on employment.

Hug a thug criminal soon to be your next door neighbor so you will not
have to worry about providing kindness and compassion and rewarding criminals that have broken the law.

This is all coming before Obo leaves office such he is such a compassionate kind of guy. You will be fending for yourself, because the laws are changing and we can't target any criminal especially if they are of the darker skin tone.