Friday, March 11, 2016

WDT: Addie and Patty Weigh in on Morristown Mayhem

       Dueling opinions abound from state elected officials over what to do about the spinning-out-of-control governance in the Town of Morristown.  Assemblywoman Russell wants a special election. Senator Ritchie wants Andy to appoint some people, or at least one so they have a quorum.

       Watertown Daily Times | Assemblywoman Russell wants appointment followed by special election in Morristown


Anonymous said...

Has there ever been any thing of substance these two have ever done?

Anonymous said...

Vote to raise our taxes 927.

Anonymous said...

I think that attorney Addie has it backwards. The Governor should be appointing at least one of the two vacated positions not belonging to the town supervisor while calling for a special election to be held for the town supervisor's position, according to NY law anyway.

Good news is thay the Town of Morristown will be holding elections for those three positions at some point this year (special and general). Wonder if the "incumbents" will be reseated??

Anonymous said...

Who does Ritchie think she is? I,ll back this if the Supervisor is reappointed... The Governor should appoint whoever he feels, then call a special election for all three positions in the fall.. Mr VanArnum should be disqualified if hes found guilty of the charges or takes a plea of any kind to what hes been charged with.. Anything less than innocent should disqualifiy him forever.