Friday, March 11, 2016

Trump Support in NNY

   It appears many in local GOP circles are supporting The Donald. Ran into Middle Class Mike and Mayor Butler at the Irish Festival and it seemed like Donald Trump is the man. I figured that was the case when I read the Doheny letter to the editor yesterday.
    I don't see Senators Cruz or Rubio catching on up here, and while John Kasich is the safe choice, it appears NNY Republicans want something with more pizzazz.


Anonymous said...

The Three Party Line Stooges….Mikey, Jeffy, and Joe. You almost look proud.

Nyuk, nyuk.

Anonymous said...

Kasich is the safe choice just like Romney was last time.
Safe doesn't win.

Anonymous said...

I believe NNY counts and the Republican elected in this district should get out and support one of the canidates.
I personally want Donald Trump and I dont have to wait and be told who to support like Blankenbush, Ritchie and Griffo.and now Stefanik.Others are comming forth with support for one or the other but certainly we are entitled to see our represenatives be something other than a rubber stamp for establishment or the lobbists of Albany and Washington..