Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump punches back at ‘choke artist’ Romney - POLITICO

     Meandering his way around protestors shouting out, Donald Trump told an enthusiastic Maine crowd today about his reasons for running and lamented that after helping Mitt Romney four years ago, the defeated 2012 candidate turned on him in an ugly way.
       In essence, the Trump-Romney spat again overshadows the smaller challengers and leaves you wondering if Mr. Romney is hoping for a deadlocked convention he can enter as a compromise candidate.
      For Trump supporters, Mr. Romney is just more of the establishment, which he is.
       All of this just helps Trump and tees up tonight's debate as pivotal moment.
Trump punches back at ‘choke artist’ Romney - POLITICO


Anonymous said...

I dunno, did someone sew the new hair piece to the side hairs, with all his money he can do better than this.

Anonymous said...

Its not just that he is more of the establishment. The accusations he makes about Trump do not ring true with his supporters. For instance, you can't take two million dollars and turn it into billions if you are dumb or bad at business. Should he have been a drug addict womanizing drunk like a Kennedy?

Anonymous said...

Come on Jeff, we are waiting for you to bring up the fact that 90,000 progressives or Bernie fans are demanding the arrest for violation of election laws when Billy Clinton Board was in on having his hand on the machines during this past Tuesday.

Teddy, did you sign the petition this is the usual practice for the Dems. all these voter irregularities. Can we at least arrest one of them before they leave the public stage?

Anonymous said...

Trumps response was spot on.. Now Romney says he wants to explore blocking Trump at the convention... Hmmmmmmm What about the fact the people have chosen not the fact the Rich hate Trump and are acared of him changing their corrupt life style with government. The country is in the midst of a historic revolution. Heres a guy who is rich but cares about the poor, heres a guy thats willing to do something about immigration, willing to put the corrupt Wall St on notice willing to put the World on notice. He can be like a bull in a china closet but hes right on.

Anonymous said...

“…Teddy, did you sign the petition this is the usual practice for the Dems. all these voter irregularities.”

Not necessarily…. but nice try.

Although fully capable, I’m not trying to be a smart ass here, but if you have evidence of a “usual practice” regarding “voter irregularities” by the Democratic Party please provide your sources. Until that time you’re just blowing smoke from your nether region.

Just so you know, I’m not a Hillary fan. But the prospect of a Trump presidency
scares the hell out of me.

And not that you care, I would suggest your time might be better spent worrying more about the complete meltdown of the Republican Party’s horrific representation of our political process vs. your compromised sensibilities:

‘“Bill Clinton's appearance at Massachusetts polling places warranted a reprimand from the state, but officials believed no laws were broken.”’

“WHAT'S TRUE: Bill Clinton was filmed inside a polling place in West Roxbury; Massachusetts state officials called the campaign to "remind" the Clintons of polling place laws; the state maintained they were unaware of any illegal activity.

WHAT'S FALSE: Bill Clinton definitively broke Massachusetts election law on 1 March 2016.

WHAT'S Undetermined: Whether the "150 foot rule" was broken at any point during the day.

Example: [Collected via e-mail, March 2016]”



Anonymous said...

6:26, if you believe Trump cares about the poor you are living in fantasyland.

I'm not party line voter, I can promise you that. I totally agree with 12:00 a.m., the possibility of a Trump presidency scares me too. He's a self centered, egotistical, thin skinned guy with shady business deals. Because you have money and may have made money doesn't mean you should lead our country. I get that we are all sick of party fighting, politics as usual in Washington but this guy is not the answer.