Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trump-Cruz ?

    The much talked about "winnowing" has occured.  The one-time GOP field of 17 is down to perhaps two, but the funny thing is neither of them are desired by party elders as the nominee and its doubtful either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz cold win at an open or contested convention.
     Unless that becomes the ticket ?  Their combined total will likely prevail. What's pretty clear is Ted Cruz will have the best leverage to get on the ticket....At least as it appears now.


Anonymous said...

Its not about spiking the football in the red states. Its about eking out a win in the purple states. Cruz wouldn't help Trump with that.

rick aldrich said...

I like Mr. Trump, because , much like Putin, you know where you stand with him. Unlike the lunatics; North Korea, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, you are facing people , who will turn on you like a mad dog, when they can't have all the treats. I do like Mr. Trump's plan on healthcare, it's called (competition). Healthcare costs rank right up there, with the National debt,as a danger to our financial future. North Korea does not create peace, (much the same, that gov't does not create jobs) , peace in the world, starts with you, and me. Peace is in our hearts, and until it's in everyone's heart, there will never be peace. Hillary Clinton says she, wants to make America whole again. Is she going to start with correcting the past misgivings/ mistakes, by she and her husband ; starting with women and ending with murders in Benghazi ? I doubt this very much. Mitt Romney, his speech was hate filled and self-serving, the very same thing that he complained of Mr. Trump. I have had enough of the two major political parties, trying to spoon feed us, the American public, on who should be/not be, the president. Compare the establishment of both major political parties, trying to control the voting process; now look to the Middle East and northern Africa, any similarities here? That's our establishment politics at work. The (we) know what's best, for them , attitude, has led us more, into a hate-filled world. And Dan, if you are always going to preach to us, what a great veteran you are, then, dammit, start standing up and speaking like one.

Anonymous said...

Trump/Cruz 2016. Looking forward to 12 years of real hope and change.

Middle-Class Mike said...

On CNN it was reported this morning that both the Trump campaign and now Ted Cruz are trying to speak directly to Middle Class voters. Ted Cruz is late in doing so and he should be called on that CNN fallacy.

As early as Sept. 2015 on, 'Mayor Grahams View', I was posted by the Mayor in a photo wearing a Trump, "Lets Make America Great Again" hat with the caption: "MCM says only Trump speaks to the Middle-Class!" Mayor Jeff Graham.

Donald J. Trump remains the best hope the Middle-Class has for better jobs, and better salaries! Vote Trump on Election Day!

Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain MCM's game here? Usually he supports a gop in the primary and then jumps to the democrat in the general. Can we assume it is the official opinion of donkey central, that they have their best chance against Trump?

I'm no fortune teller but judging from the dust up over misogyny that Trump had with Hillary and then Hillary backed down, I don't think he is the easiest to defeat.