Friday, March 4, 2016

These Debates Are Getting to Be the Same Thing Every Time

     The sparring continued last night in Detroit as a pared down gang of four debated.  John Kasich played the role of adult in the room while at times the shouting between Marco Rubio and Donald Trump was annoying as you couldn't understand what they were saying. 
Low Brow Debate Offers More of Same
      Meanwhile Mr. Trump's replacement on Celebrity Apprentice is expected to endorse Governor Kasich this weekend. Former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will back the Ohio Governor.
        There are three caucuses and one primary this weekend, giving a quick real time update on how the race stands after Super Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I listened on the radio. Fox was going for ratings and set the candidates up. The opening and between round format was like listening to a championship boxing match. Only Kasich refused to take part and has jumped over Rubio in public perception. Time for Rubio to go. He is in danger of permanently damaging his career. Kasich is the last establishment hope.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see an actual policy debate, one in which the moderators stuck to asking policy questions and not the usual playing one candidate against the other by saying you said. Having said that, I didn't find last night's debate very illuminating. Senator Cruz perhaps showed best. Kasich is just too long winded and plain annoying. Every exchange starts with the phrase 100 years I did saved the nation and know how to do it. Nothing in the way of details. Rubio, in my view, has certainly diminished himself with the constant name calling and Trump, while correctly pointing out the trade imbalance, reverts back to the bulling, grade school behavior. He clearly doesn't seem to have any plan and his defects become even more apparent in setting with fewer candidates. I'm afraid Clinton would slaughter him in a debate.

Anonymous said...

I was enjoying the no holds barred nature of Trump but at this point he has jumped the shark with me and so has Rubio.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth would anyone in their right mind waste precious moments of life watching thinly veiled attempts by lame brain media moderators to start an actual physical altercation between candidates? Life is too short people turn off that trash and enjoy life. The election circus is might play out better if more people would read a book in lieu of watching televised debates.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is this. The rich snobby Republican leaders want to ignore the will of the people and are looking to squash the voters choice any way possible. GOP is still mired in the 1930s and will never improve. Bottom line.. WELCOME PRESIDENT CLINTON no. 2

Anonymous said...

7:26AM Agree. Jeff, You couldn't be any further from the truth. WE have been brought to this level of the freakish 1% reality show individuals that think they can dictate how they feel the United States should be governed.

In our recent history where have you seen a presidential candidate how to justify the size of his junk is average and he is no King Midas in the junk dept. That his junk is fun for all the wives and former girlfriends, keep in mind any size would be fine with living in that 1% relm.

But hey, we learned last night Orange Top with the new hair piece has his goods made in Mexico and China. Does the daughter with the shoe line also have her goods made in those countries as well.

Next up, and Orange Top did say, he will be going after the Hillbillie big and he means he hasn't even started yet. Maybe we can finally get her to admist her sleeping partners, since Billy has roadcasted with his former mistresses that she has never been really into him.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

"Size matters" ha ... so, Amerika, bend over, grab your ankles, and smile — you're on candid camera. Get ready for "the Donald" he implies - F/: I guess that's where Melania likes him to be, too. Hell I can be gross too (smile). But family members are off limits they will screech; but, the whole American family doesn't count, right Mr. and Mrs. Gee Old Poops???



Anonymous said...

Re: 8:13 - I don't know how you can make that comment. Look what the Democratic party is doing to Bernie. Instead of following the will of the people they bypass the voting masses by turning to party hacks operating as unelected super delegates. When one strays from the what the party elite wants, as was the case of a SD from Hawaii, the party elite harasses and intimidates. Regarding rich and snooty is there anyone who defines that pack more than Hillary, the phoniest and most dishonest person every to seek the Presidency.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Those who readily accept Trump at face value along with his showmanship TV host antics are also, I suspect, huge FOX fans, Limbaugh diehards, and Hannity hounds. They love QVC shopping, all the reality shows, campaign 30-second Ads, and stay glued to the "insane network channel" - this is the new Amerika.

Talk about being pathetic and all the while those same folks talk about "what has happened to our country - we need to get it back and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN..." Ha ... try looking in the nearest mirror for cause and effect, but few solutions it seems. What happened to our "greatness?" BS - it's all around.

Take off the blinders and take a look.

view from the "for what it's worth department."

Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgusted with Trump, Clinton,Cruz and Rubio . These miscreants are a national disgrace and have ruined this country,s reputation .

The electorate had damn well better wise up and REJECT them all. They are incompetant , truth challenged ,base , fear mongers and the WORST form of con artists.

I will not vote for any of these liars .

Trump is by far the worst , he is megalomaniacal . He said the military damn well better do what i tell them , illegal or not!!

That outburst is a serious inditement of his ability to lead and unite , he offers nothing , no specific and measureable plans .

Anonymous said...

11:12AM Money can't buy you class,if his wonderful successful kids have no problem exposing their own kids to Grandpa and his dirty mouth, 'pu##y' at a rally!!!! Shame on all those conservatives that have cast their votes for this scoundral.

Although I can see how the lower class would be attracted to him, it is fascinating to watch and wait and see the final implosion. Along with his self destruct it was the implosion of having the imposter under the banner of GOP as a member. Kind of like our very own MCMikey.

The depth of orange is deepening, and we have seen the style and color tint of hairpieces being changed out daily. Pulled out of CPAC and now reversing what we all witnessed and heard on national TV last evening, he wouldn't order the military to torture terrorist's families, even though he issued the threat they will do what I say or else or something close to that.

What a disgrace of an individual and everyone that supports him.

Anonymous said...

Excellent comment 8:23AM. Dan too.

12:00PM, I’m a progressive and a Bernie supporter. Your comment is fair, honest and correct. But despite all of Hillary’ faults, and there’s a lot of them… if it comes down to her and Trump, and depending on the political climate in NYS in November, I will either hold my nose and vote for her or a third party candidate.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

11:12am, why don't you shed the Democratic party, chains and ankle bracelets, that you wear. Being a veteran myself, where is your loyalty, to the security of Americans, abroad. Your girl, Hillary, took the oath to defend the USA. She touted in her last run for the presidency, (who do you want to answer the red phone @ 3am ), well guess what, she didn't answer the phone calls from Benghazi, did she. And do not give me the crap answer, that it wasn't her call. When you take the oath, you take the responsibility, period, especially when lives are in danger. How you can support her, makes me sick. And, being a veteran yourself, where is your loyalty?

Anonymous said...

It's getting REAL OLD seeing these NYP covers on NJ

Anonymous said...

7:02 Rick, thank you for your service, loyalty voice and love our America.

These posters saying that will hold their nose and vote for Hillary make me sick, what about all the assets abroad that were endangered due to her reckless and illegal actions with her server.

Now we are hearing that her inner circle within the State Dept. were sharing passwords reading classified documents. Clinton needs to be charged with treason as well as her loyal aides Cheryl Mills, Huma Aberdine Weinstein, Patrick Kennedy.