Sunday, March 20, 2016


    Like most places, I have outdoor cigarette receptacles. The kind with a tray of sand. Just noticed on the camera a person picking through it looking for a partially smoked butt.
     It's a regular thing, and it's kind of sad.  Those who can't afford Andy's price or can't get to a reservation have to use second hand cigarettes.  Lot of you don't see this phenomenon in your orbit, but thought I'd share.
      Beautiful day today...Sun is shining on the first day of spring.  Just a few days ago I read headlines about a major storm today. People actually said to me, "we're going to get slammed."
      When is the dishonest media going to stop the weather fear mongering ?
       This weekend was a post St. Paddy's malaise, as folks are partied out. And isn't this week Spring Break ? Or is it next week ? or both ?
       Lot of money travels to Myrtle Beach around Easter.


dajeep said...

I see it quite a bit. My building went non-smoking a couple of years ago and has some receptacles around, and a few go digging through looking for the shorts. And on another subject, panhandlers. I don't give them anything because they are all B.S. hard luck stories. Once a man came up to me and asked me for a dollar because he told me he needed a drink. I gave it to him and some change so he could get a pounder. The reason he got it was because he was honest, and I told him so.

Anonymous said...

Only education money goes to Myrtle Beach. But you're right, there's a lot of that.

Anonymous said...

Education money? Do you seriously think that only teachers are going to Myrtle Beach 7:52? Wow, teachers must have really held you back a couple of times.

Anonymous said...

11:01: that's how you interpreted 7:52's comment? "Education money" can also include student loans with a high interest rate that must be paid back.