Friday, March 18, 2016

Steve Burke Visits HOTLINE

   Had a nice HOTLINE visit today from an old friend, Steve Burke.
    Steve has been active in local Democratic politics for some time but the last two Presidential cycles he has taken to the road , entering numerous primaries , including New Hampshire where he finished sixth and Louisiana where he said he finished third.
    Steve is patriot who participates even though the odds are long.  His next stop is Wyoming and he will be on the west coast as well.
      Steve follows local politics and is not a blind partisan, supporting his party in some races but breaking with party on others like NY21 where he supports Rep.Stefanik.
       It was good to see Steve and hear his perspective.


Nichole Lajoie said...

Great show

Anonymous said...

I caught a few minutes of it, where he was saying he likes Putin better than Hillary. He is an interesting guy and I wish I heard more of it.
You have to respect one of the few democrats who actually thinks their own opinions instead of repeating what party central tells them to.

I did note that he was kind of a slow talker and had a bad speaking voice. He kept throwing the r on the end of words like soda, which makes him sound like a joe six pack city slicker.

Anonymous said...

To bad Ted, June and even Addie dirtied their hands last time around when he put forth his name for the congressional run. He would have been far better candidate than the guy out of Brooklyn.

The three combined could never compete with the integrity of this man.