Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stefanik: No Endorsements Before Cleveland | WWNY TV 7

     There's a lot to be said for prudence and staying in the fox hole when it comes to picking a favorite in the GOP Presidential race.  TV 7 reports NNY Rep. Elise Stefanik is keeping her powder dry till the RNC in Cleveland this summer.
      There is no advantage to taking sides and the anti Trump campaign could produce any number of scenarios ranging from Trump winning, to Cruz, to a "unity" ticket to a presently off the table candidacy by Mitt Romney or the Congresswoman's good friend, Speaker Paul Ryan.
      Backing anyone in a race so volatile is pointless and backing Trump is a non starter with the liberal editorial boards in NY 21.  Carl Paladino has been urging upstate GOP MOCs to take a stand.
      And other than trying to garner future brownie points with the eventual winner, the public doesn't really care who local elected officials are voting for on April 19.dback: Trump Scolds Upstate NY, Stefanik Pressured To Endorse | WWNY TV 7 - News, Weather and Sports for | Local News


Anonymous said...

I’m with you Jeff, the girl can do no wrong; ever.

Ali basith said...

i like your pos sir , i very happy to read this article.

Anonymous said...

Paladino and Trump are cut from the same dirty clothe. Stefinak is too smart to march to their off beat drum.

Anonymous said...

Of course one can do no wrong 956. It is particularly easy when one does nothing.


Anonymous said...

Her job is to due the job of the people's business. Quite frankly I was hesitant to vote for her but I did like many others, and she is
fulfilling everything she promised. She seems to be working her butt off for the entire district and that is the pound of flesh she knew she had to expect when we voted for her.

I'm an ole coot and I never thought I would see the day or say I am proud of the way she is representing our district. She undeniably knows the political machinations of the political world.

Give her credit of not buckling to the big dogs coming out of the cesspool of NYC and what appears to be veiled threats by the bullylike guy out of Buffalo. Hold your ground girl.

What the hell has Trump done for upstate NY ever? The guy is a con artist, it is laughable that so many individuals are being duped by him.

Anonymous said...

The question is: if Trump wins, will she endorse and support him.

Anonymous said...

728.. She is keeping quiet on her endorsement. Are you or will you print your name and endorse anyone or will you try and steal the convention and vote for someone who couldnt win outright and then seek the backing of the party... Start with your name then endorse then give your reasoning.. Con Artist.. Give me one person, Stefanik, Ritchie, Blankenbush, Russell who are not conartist.

Anonymous said...

A better question is, who will she support in a brokered convention?
Trump will have the majority of the NY delegates. Cruz may win NY21. Kasich will be at the convention, but with few delegates. Rubio will no longer be in the race. The establishment is likely to be split. Neil Bush is now part of the Cruz team. Most of the donor class will want someone else. Cruz is the only alternative the base will support, but is totally unacceptable to her biggest donor, Paul Singer. Her choice will affect her future, whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

7:28 Agree ole man. Trump has done jacks### for upstate NY. Search through the federal election filings, he loves the progressive libtards of downstate NY including those who voted in lockstep for Cuomo's NY safe act.

Scold us, take your millions/billions and stick it where the sun don't shine and continue to fund the Clinton Crime family.

And he calls himself a conservative. What a joke he is.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you how out of touch The Don of the Con is having crazy Palladino as his upstate pide piper.

Only thing this tells us that not one of those Congressional Members went to him for any campaign contributions or they received nothing from their request. We would have heard about it from either of the big mouths Trump and Palladino if they had.

What this shows us is that Trump is a Democrat but in RINO clothing only. But we can't even call him that cause all his goods he peddles are made south of the wall he wants to build using less than minimum wages.

Anonymous said...

9:03 Oh big friggin boo hoo, not one candidate in this cycle will be able to bring home the magic number including The Donald. There is no stealing, it will go to a broker convention, get the frig over it. We can guess who this is our RINO/Democrat who also hates Russell. The person loves to vote in any and all GOP primaries and then goes on to go deep and heavy in most of all the recent races assisting the libtards.

You know who you are.

Anonymous said...

She is playing the same political games she ran against by not giving an endorsement 903.
I endorse candidates the old-fashioned way, with a pen and paper. If you'd like to read my name and my endorsements, you can see them in the newspaper sir!

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Someone posted that she is "Too smart to follow crazy Karl?"

Ha... that may be true to a small extent, but she was not too crazy to seek and get his money (he did contribute to her and she accepted)... ouch. Now she comes across as caring less about the "party" hunt for endorsements for The Donald... thus, that implies to me that she will fall in line if Trump wins the delegate count in Cleveland? Thought so.

She is such a wimp - waiting for Marathon Ryan to guide her I'ma guessin....

Anonymous said...

More slander by Danny M. Francis. If I were her, I would sue you Danny.
How do you know that she did, "seek and get his money"??? The answer is that you pulled it out of your butt. Karl donated on his own volition.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

7:07 - not slander one bit ... my political view and a fact... she accepts money from a billionaire (or two) who can't even vote for her in return for what one must ask and I always do ... grow up. So, go ahead tell he to sue me and you can join as "class action" pal. I have never been sued - this would be a great one to sue over - have at it.

"Seek out" is easily defined. Check it out ... it's called "donate here" stickers and links to her campaign bank account(s).

Anonymous said...

Good gracious Danny, you slandered one person, not a "class".
You lied and said she specifically sought out Karl's money and he gave it to her. And now you tell the truth that she merely asked for donations to her campaign from the public at large.

You want to no what her campaign contributors got in return for their contributions? They got a top notch Harvard graduate and they squashed a brain commie donkey candidate. Priceless.

I realize every vote you cast is a "what am I GETTING for my vote" decision. But the other side casts the vote based on what is best for the country and best society as a whole. Foreign concept to you.