Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Snack Bar Bids Due Thursday....We Will See

     Thursday is the day  bids (if any) are to be opened for the Arena snack bar, although it will not be up and running by the time the facility is unveiled later this month.
      The bid process will likely yield no money offers to the City as the facility as designed is likely too risky and too low on potential profit to commit to a franchise fee.
       In essence the menu from the last year and the equipment provided, coupled with the need to provide insurance, two dumpsters, management oversight, staffing, some additional equipment, and  inventory doesn't compute.
       The best possible bidder would likely be a burger chain or a chain like Jreck or Subway. Having the management in place, and people and equipment to draw on might make it appealing as it is a high visibility spot.  A mom and pop might work too as having little or no payroll overhead is a plus. With the increasing wage requirements in the food industry, it's more costly at every turn to staff anything.
       The city oversight of books, the likely effort to regulate the cutting of deals on things like soda fountain equipment, and the cost of modifications for things like gas service, Internet and POS, signage and additional and varied electrical outlets would be problematic.
        I thought about it and got insurance quotes and looked into other aspects but concluded it's not in my interest to bid.
         It might be a right fit for someone, and we will see who steps forward. I suspect someone will, but this will not be a revenue stream for City Hall.


Anonymous said...

The snack bar is simply an added amenity. No profit will be derived from it either for the city or for whomever places a bid. There is just simply not enough activity there to make it worth while.

Anonymous said...

It's almost as absurd as the "Indoor Water Theme Park" that being bantied about, check out all the water parks that are abandoned out west...

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

This whole arena snack shop, name labeling, etc., a real shit-sandwich.

But clowns in charge and you're apt to get a big top show - no surprises there.

H2O Town Ice Arena - nice ring to it.