Monday, March 28, 2016

Should All the State and Federal Candidates in NNY Announce a Preference.

   With the April 19 New York primary important in both Presidential races, should our local elected officials tell us who they support ?  Do we care in this year when endorsements mean squat ?
     Democrats are trying to make an issue out of Rep. Elise Stefanik's refusal to endorse, even though their own candidate, Mike Derrick, is not saying either.
     Elected Democrats in NY have no choice but to back Hillary Clinton. On the GOP side, uber Republican Carl Paladino has demanded support for Donald Trump but so far only two MOCs have.
     No one will ask our state reps to take a stand so they get a pass, but for Ms. Stefanik I am sure the choice is difficult.  Trump's politics is in step with NY Republicanism, but much of the DC establishment she has a relationship with feels obliged to issue shallow and callow endorsements of Lyin' Ted. The rather "lose with Cruz" crowd.
      I am sure the statements Mr. Trump has made about women, while not telling the whole story, are troubling for an up and coming millennial woman who made history as the youngest of her gender to be elected to the House.
       Bottom line, people registered in the Party of Lincoln can figure it out without advice from elected officials.
decision not to publicly announce


Anonymous said...

It dosnt matter what we ask or what we think Jeff, they will do only what they want when instructed including your girl Stefanik. These phony politicans and their begging for votes then ignoring their constituants once elected. Phony picture taking at events, speaking only through spokesmen ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Im so sick of it..

Anonymous said...

Oh gee I am sure Stefanik is shaking in her boots at the thought of the donkey party trying to make her give a thumbs up or down to I mean pick a candidate.. She only won her first election by what...70% of the vote? This next round might see her barley win with 69% of the votes.

Its like the tax increase guy that is always insulting pAddie Ritchie on this blog. It does no good...she still wins.

Good for her for not meddling in the election. We know she really wants to back Bush or Kasich, but her willingness not to commit publicly, is commendable.

rick aldrich, USMC said...

Instead of asking a candidate who they support, I would be asking, "do you support your party, whom is trying to derail, the most popular candidate of the Republican Party"." And do you support the denying American voters, of their right to choose?". The Democratic party does not have this problem, you know why? Because unlike it's name, there is no real democracy, just a line of successions. Are there any up and coming Democrats? Oh yea, Chelsea Clinton.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

The proper response if there is such a thing as "proper" might be:

"Yes, I will support the our party's pick as the nominee. I have one vote just like anyone else. I say, let the process play out and then I will get behind our nominee, 100%."

That is not a difficult response - why is Ms. Stefanik mum, then? Same applies to any/all candidates in my view.

Middle-Class Mike said...

It's never good when you demand a candidate like her opponent last election, (D) Aaron Woolf say who he supports for Governor, and then next election you duck coming out for Trump. Carl Palidino made it clear he wants MOC's to go on the record, in Republican Presidential Primary, which too many (R) MOCs have ignored. Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

Saying who she's backing now would show guts.

Anonymous said...

She is establishment and she will back the establishment candidate when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Duh .. Stefanik is not just a candidate, she is our Congresswoman and we have a right to know where she stands.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Congresswoman Stefanik, you don't have to cower to the white establishment men of the RINOs. This is why I voted for you and will happy to pull the lever again.

Going to be another walk in the park, this Dem. that they have put forth even Woolf is turning on him since he has asked Funicello to run on the Dem. line to no avail since he is true Green.

And Mikey, you are all wet on this one, you who thinks he understands the GOP how can you since you are a RINO. Can you tell us what election Crazy Carl has won other than his seat on the school board? Just continue with your back door deal with Stefanik's opponent just liked you helped Woolf in the last election. With each of your posts it becomes more clear of your loyalty to the Libtard family. Who you trying to kid. Fool that you are don't you think Trump needs her endorsement more than any other Rep. in the State? I for one am very proud that she is bucking Crazy Carl, has anyone read his emails, he's crazy! Doesn't look like she can be blackmailed like the other NY Rep.s

But Mikey, there is still time, maybe you can put together a piece and have a story planted in the National Enquirer that MOC Stefanik and Doheny had a romantic fling during the last campaign and his wife didn't know anything about it.

It's getting crazy out there, Stefanik stay the course and don't be distracted by these little men including those on the Donkey side.

Anonymous said...

6:44 is right ! Its in the Constitutions right between the lines that guarantees an abortion in every pot and the right for a child to obtain a chicken without the parent's consent.

Anonymous said...

6:44 What a bunch of Mary crybabies. You don't have a right to anything.

Last evening they replayed clips of Trump's free interview (going on over 2 billion worth of media) with a Wisc. Radio Host Charlie Sykes.

Very eye opening, as a life long conservative he asked Trump bluntly "why should we support you since you have done nothing for the conservative faction your entire life" Then he listed all the Dems. Trump donated, The Clintons, Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel, Chuck Schummer, Carter instead of Regan, (he failed to mention which most interested me was our own Cuomo, Schneidernman, Spitzer) and never mentioned one GOP candidate.

Trump's response "Why as a businessman I donated to many political candidates. I personally did not make the donations so I don't know if I actually made them to." Wowza!

Lastly, he asked "You sound like a 12yr old bully, why would women vote for you when I wouldn't have my kids around you with everything you say about women"

Trump's response "I never thought I would be running and I thought it was a dead issue" He made no apologies.

Then the Host Charlie Sykes asked Trump, "Why now that he is in Wisc. is he suddenly asking for their votes and support when he labeled Gov. Walker as a failure when under Walker's stewardship Wisc. has been a recent success as a turnaround State under GOP leadership?"

Trump's response "Well what I said I read in a Times Magazine article and I repeated it verbatim, if the article was not correct I need an apology"

Always whaaaaa whaaaaa cry baby, he needs an apology or he will sue this one or sue that one.

Stefanik is smart to stay our of this mess with having a Trump In Kind as Palladino demanding all the NY Members publically pledge their allegiance to Trump, sounds like coersion to me but just another face on our corrupt political way we do business in NYS regardless of party. Carl Palladino couldn't be elected as a animal control officer.

Have people gone mad?

Anonymous said...

7:22 Couldn't agree with you more. Fred Dicker has a piece, it might be correct that Trump's friends are getting very nervous that he is not able to act Presidential since it doesn't appear he has it in him. He is going in the opposite direction according to Fred with this last hit piece on Cruz wife and the National Enquirer piece.

In this same piece Dicker mentions or refers to a female Republican activist a friend of Dickers, I'm betting it is one of two females we know in NYS. I'm hoping it might be Stefanik or that Stefanik may be close with the female friend.

Anonymous said...

Another MOC from the NY Delegation is not bowing to Carl, Richard Hanna Central NY announced he is going to refrain from endorsing Trump or Cruz for the primary.

There Carl blows......

Anonymous said...

She was elected by the people, represents the people and does not have to be beholden to any party honcho especially the likes of Carl Paladino, who does he think he is?

This is everything Carl has been screaming and preaching about for years these insider establishment lifers that he is demanding they kneel at his alter. Stuff it Carl

Anonymous said...

Trump's campaign mgr. was in court this AM, charged with roughing up a female reporter, that and Trump's approval ratings are plummenting. Does not bode well with Cruz and Kasich pecking his feet for votes here and there.

Big shot Carl shouldn't single the only female GOP Congresswoman in the Northeast and should set his sights on the soon to be onslaught of HIllary and Bernie. She and she alone brought relevancy of the GOP party back to upstate and he should be bending over and thanking her.

This just brings you back to the image of the NY's old establishment GOP party of old white men. One thing this district got and all county chairs got right was supporting Stefanik.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I'm late to the party but who the h### is Derrick and what is he running for? Never heard of him.