Saturday, March 12, 2016

Secret Service Jumps to Trump's Aid | Daily Mail Online

     A 32 year old crazy lookin' dude tried to rush the stage Donald Trump was on today prompting Secret Service agents to jump on stage to shield the candidate.  The man was arrested.
     I know some readers are wishing the man got to the candidate, but this is really about free speech, not speech you like or agree with.
     These protestors are trying to be part of the show and prevent Mr. Trump's words from being heard.
      They should be heard. Whether they become public policy is something for voters to decide.
      The Secret Service is known for being inconspicuous in protecting their charge. I can't recall seeing them jump to the fore like this since the Reagan shooting.
Donald Trump's Chicago rally called off due to 'credible threat' from protesters | Daily Mail Online


Anonymous said...

It was all staged by the huckster Drumph Jeff. The guy was an obvious plant.

Just like the guy who suckered punched the fine upstanding Trump supporters elbow.

Too bad you fell for it.

Have a Trump Steak, hell, make it two.... you earned it.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the trump event earlier when this happened. I don't recall seeing the secret service react like that since the Reagan attempt either. Protesting is one thing, but a lot of these people have crossed over to being blatantly disorderly and threating.

Anonymous said...

I heard Trump refer to Mitt earlier as a little peanut. lol So you have low energy Jeb!, lien Ted, little Marco and now the little peanut Mitt Romney. Too funny.

Anonymous said...

Along with being a textbook narcissist and a pathological liar, Trump lives in a world of imagined conspiracies - Muslims cheering in N.Y while the twin towers came down, paid protestors at his rallies, the entire birther lie which he helped to engineer, yet failed to deliver on.

Yesterday, he said that the Chicago police told him his rally had to be shut down because they were worried about violence. This morning the Chicago police said that they never said that at all. Later on, Trump said that he was the one who was worried about violence and shut down the rally because of that.

This is the first time that Trump has faced a significant number of protestors. All of which wouldn’t be going on in the first place if it was not for his inflammatory rhetoric.

He is so thin-skinned that he simply could not stomach it, so like the sniveling coward he is; he cancelled the rally so that he would not have to face all those people who do not mindlessly worship him.

Anonymous said...

The media and the left have fanned the flames and incited these dumb protesters into acts of violence. Just as they did in Ferguson. They keep lying and calling Trump a racist and a KKK supporter and anything else they can throw at him. Then when Trump and his supporters are victimized, they blame the victim.

Anonymous said...

Well said,Jesus Christ,you know who didn't like free speech? Hitler,Mussolini,Stalin,etc,etc,let the man speak and then voice your opinion,this is America,but some scumbags are forgetting that.

Anonymous said...

You are speading B.S. Jeff.

I despise trump. No question, hands down.

But I and the vast majority of those find him deplorable, do not wish to see him harmed.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a wimp , a daddy's boy , probably got his ass handed to him in school , what a turd and now he HIDES like the pussy he is !!

He's not a real Man just ,ma daddys boy with SMALL hands and a SMALLER brain who hides when confronted .

He appeals to the ignorant, the xenophobes .

But in the end ,he will get his ass whupped in the general election and you all can go pound salt .. ps : I doubt lil donnie ever dirtied his LITTLE hands at all

Anonymous said...

Jeff Graham-
-A 32 year old crazy lookin' dude-
Hillarious! The only crazy looking dude on that stage was the guy in the orange hat.

rick aldrich said...

9:50, Wow, sounds like a lot of hatred here.. Instead of writing about the hatred, why not channel your efforts to promoting your candidate? The proof, is in the pudding. That's the same issue, I take with the protesters. If they so believe in their candidates, why not channel the anger and hate, into something positive, for their candidates. But, they probably won't, because chances are, anger&hate are the recipe they grew up with.. It's always someone else's fault..

Anonymous said...

George Soros and BLM and OWS are all behind this, because They fear The Trumpster.He will be the Republican Nominee and He will defeat Hillary in November

Anonymous said...

Lot of complaints about Trump in this thread using the same tactics he is accused of using. This is about free speech and principles that go back to the Age of Enlightenment. If we allow these domestic terrorists to squash these freedoms that our forefathers have passed down to us, we will be putting out the last light of freedom and inviting is an age of darkness.

Anonymous said...

9:50 - wow, you big smart.

Anonymous said...

That is just the irony WHEN the Trumster sees people react ro him LIKE he has reacted to many others insighting this crap he turns into a little pussy boy , a phony who hides ... .

He is a total ASSHAT . We will now use only only TRUMP isms to describe him ... Since his supporters are onlycapable of understanding those rypes of tactics . Reason and Logic be damned , the Trumpster only spews lies , hate and narcissism .. I bet he was hard to toilet train as a kid with those small hands of his 😆

Anonymous said...

Wow, turns out he's a Bernout supporter. Surprise, surprise. And looking at the little pudge ball, I think Donny could have Trumped him...

rick aldrich said...

12:30 pm, please channel your energy to promote the candidate of your choice. Do you spew anger at Donald Trump, because someone said too? Do you buy into reckless broadcasting by the major news media, that everything they say about Donald Trump, is gospel ? If you do, then you probably believe the major media wrote the bible. Hold onto that last sentence,, because major media may come up with the proof. You heard it here first.😇

Anonymous said...

Trump is a. Loudmouthed , narcisistic ,small minded bigot who is unfit to lead .

Trump by his indignity has tarnished the image of not only the Presidency ,but this country by his over the top uncivilized ranting and lying .

Trump represents the WORST America has to offer .

Trump is a serial womanizer ,on his third wife.

Trump is a skilled liar and con man

Trump is incapable of empathy for anyone especially working class , he is a user .

Trump is a daddy's boy who was born with a silver spoon

Trump has no vision, no plans , no specifics and no leadership

Trump is delusional and dangerous and hasnt a clue on how to govern ,but he does know how to sell and make the less than bright believe his nonsense

Trump is a big bloviating pussy when confronted with reality and fact checks

Rick Aldrich said...

9:47pm who is the candidate that you are supporting ? Do you have good to say about the said candidate?