Saturday, March 5, 2016

Schoolyard Taunting and Juvenile Talk Takes a Toll on Trump and Rubio

     Kansas delivered an impressive caucus win for Senator Ted Cruz, while three other contests were better for Donald Trump although it feels like Trump has slipped and may have trouble getting to the convention  with 1237 delegates.
     GOP royalty is trying to force an open convention where they can deny The Donald, but since they don't like Cruz much either, there is a problem getting someone else in.
      The events of the last week and the frat house sparring and tacky talk has taken a toll. People I talk to who don't live and breath this stuff were chattering about the debate in Detroit and what these people are saying about each other.   Yes, people do have standards and more than one person eschewed the talk as beneath the Presidency. 
     It looks to me like Marco Rubio took one for the party as his antics diminished him, but for Mr. Trump....well he should know better at his age.
      Tuesday its on to Idaho, Mississippi and Michigan.
       Oh by the way, Cruz just won Maine with Trump second, Kasich third and Little Marco last among the still active candidates.. Trump seems well ahead in Kentucky with Senator Rubio well back in third.
        Louisiana is still voting as I write this.
        As for the Dems, Sanders continues to win the states with , as they say on MSNBC, too many white people.
Cruz wallops Trump in first Saturday contest - POLITICO


Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Voters really are smart and know the issues and debate hot topics even the older women ...

The Proof is Here.

Anonymous said...

Now it's time to see what the GOP prefers a constitutional conservative or The Donald.

Anonymous said...

Dan, please, read what you just wrote. If voters were smart, they wouldn't vote in lock step for people who are proven liars. That be your folks. It's the me generation, and the land of FreeStuff.

Anonymous said...

If voters were smart, Dannie, we wouldn't have elected the Liar in Chief.

Anonymous said...

After the last debate, I really don't like Rubio. He behaved like an arrogant frat boy. He stood there smirking and didn't answer the questions he was asked. he diverted his 'answers' in a wide sweep around the topics to attack Trump in other mud-slinging attacks. Very juvenile.

Trump lost brownie points at last debate. He got caught up in the Rubio effect and attempted to defend himself. very unprofessional.

Cruz ... I haven't liked him through all of this with his plans to abolish the IRS and create a flat tax for everyone.

the last man, Kasich, came across as very professional and educated. He answered the questions that were asked instead of flinging mud. That's the way a debate should be handled.

Of course, I wish another network would run the debate. , I don't care for the moderators that FOX uses - yes, I'm talking about the smug 'batwoman' with her huge, flapping false eyelashes.