Saturday, March 26, 2016


    Looks like a lot of people visited the Arena in its first two days and liked what they saw.  Skipping the more traditional ribbon cuttings, open houses, and sneak previews, the City opted for a cold opening,   There was lots of TV coverage.  Ribbon cuttings are spurned by journalists who see it as self promotion and thus bad, so the cold open was in retrospect probably best.
    The snack bar debate will calm down now that the City is moving ahead with seeking a health permit to operate it themselves. Organizations have been worried they would have to come up with their own food option, something that's cumbersome, expensive and possibly not that easy to get licensed for.
    Peeps...the ubiquitous Easter confection are produced at the rate of five million a day and this year have a new mystery flavor.
Peeps and the Peepmobile Visit FOX and Friends

     Good weather will be with us for the weekend...Winter is over and I was happy with how little was spent on plowing and heating.
      Yesterday's interview with Cody Horbacz was interesting. You don't hear a lot about local government as the participants don't get out there and speak their case.

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dajeep said...

I tried the sugar-free Peeps one time, what a mistake. Those damn things messed with my stomach. Never looked at the ingredients, but it's probably got more chemicals than DuPont in them to give that sweetness.