Monday, March 7, 2016

Sanders Berated for Standing His Ground

   When you get too feisty (not uppity), you get smacked down with the race card. Trump did, courtesy of CNN a week ago.
    Now that Senator Bernie Sanders took on Hillary Clinton last night in Flint, Senator Sanders is being accused of racism for using the word "ghetto" during the debate.
     Senator Sanders was in her face and Secretary Clinton was accusatory and assertive too.  But Senator Sanders spoke truth too loudly to power, so he is now accused of racial insensitivity, and waging a negative campaign against the presumptive nominee.
       You can compare a Trump rally to the Nuremberg rallies and you can do skits with his supporters wearing swastikas and hoods.....but say "ghetto" and its deemed off limits.


Anonymous said...

I understand now why Billybob cheated on her their entire married life.Her voice,tude, condescending manner is soooooo grating.

What did the Berns say "I'm not done talking"

And to all those who held their nose in voting for her as our Senator and then her tenure as Sec. of State you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Trump is there any new lies out their yet..????
Trump is an ass at times but he is calling things as he sees them. A lot of us do but we never get heard.. You hear Trump and the Establishment dosnt like it..
He is our man and if yu try to take that away at a phony rigged convention you will have Hilary for President.

Juston LaJoie said...

I could not believe the bullshit that the media was trying to spew on people. Bernie, you should not have gone there, give me a break Waite until she faces a Trump or a Cruz ..

Anonymous said...

Ted, Bet you can't wait till they put the cuffs on her. They are extraditing the hacker that got into her emails. I sure hope they don't wish to get him here just to squirrel him away and we the American people will never completely know what a liar she is.

But we are sure hoping all our friendly allies, Russia, China, NKoreans that have read those classified top secrets think enough of ole Bernie to release this information earlier than later so the primary that the primary is not stolen from him. He needs all those nonwhite voters that reside in certain disenfranchised neighborhoods to show up at the booths come next month.

Anonymous said...

You see the outlines of the Clinton plan. Anyone who expresses any view contrary to hers will be said to be treating her with disrespect and is a sexist. The theme of the entire Clinton campaign will be one of racial and gender warfare.

Regarding Trump, if and when he gets the nomination MSM will crucify him. By in large, MSM, with the possible exception of Fox, are nor more than Hillary Clinton Shills.

Anonymous said...

This is what can be expected from mainstream media. They have their favorite, and that is clearly the vaginally equipped pants suit. Get used to it. MSM never changes. Just because thinking Americans believe nothing they say, there are lots of dumbasses out there the swallow all emissions. Hill has a lot riding on black turnout, as they are the most controlled group out there. She has and will play the race card whenever she can.

Anonymous said...

When will the thought police get a life?