Sunday, March 6, 2016

Romney: No Shermanesque for Me

General William Tecumseh Sherman

In a revealing moment on Meet the Press, Mitt Romney was given the chance to echo General Sherman and say if nominated he will not run and if elected he will not serve....The 2012 candidate declined to say so , instead giving the never-say-never answer and reiterating he is not a candidate.
  One thing about Donald Trump. His march through the Confederacy looks like Sherman's March to the Sea.
William Tecumseh Sherman


Anonymous said...

Yup. He left some wiggle room. Not as much as Biden did but some nonetheless.
The sad part was the MSN kept making up lies in the headlines, stating that Biden said he would not run. When the fact is, the closest he got was to saying such a thing was when he said, "I have determined it is too late to run".

Anonymous said...

The general feeling with todays voters is"Mitt Who?? Is the priviledged few going to run this party into the ground?? Will then appoint one of the chosen ones Perhaps Ryan?? Will democracy stand tall??? Will Trump run third party???

Anonymous said...

Romney is just a big bag of wind.

Always a loser and a I'm gonna guy. Gonna do this and gonna do that and never did anything.

Danny M. Francis (Eyepublius) said...

Boy back in those early days, "Long Johns" sure itched a lot didn't they?

Just an observation.....