Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ritchie asks Governor to Fill Morristown Slot

     A local Democrat will likely get a cushy job as town supervisor. Governor Cuomo has been asked to fill the vacant slot in Morristown.  Senator Ritchie has asked the Governor to intercede in a situation where only two of five board seats are filled , making it hard to get things done, leading to some to infer there is a "leadership crisis" in the town.
     Hopefully the Governor acts quickly. He will likely rely on a recommendation from his people on the ground. A call to June ?


Anonymous said...

Maybe he could fill them with the people who are supposed to be on the board, but are not because of a technicality.

Anonymous said...

It is an interesting dilemma. Obviously the three were elected by their constituents at one point but then again, why would you appoint the same three who can't even file a required oath of office, especially after two of them gamed the system? I hope the Town Clerk thinks long and hard about his performance as well as he is as culpable and derelict in his duties. The minute he received the 2 resignations he should have scheduled the Oath of Office filing. It isn't that busy of a township.

This does make for a good civics lesson. It will be interesting to see who runs in a special election and in the general election at the end of the year. Not a lot of depth on the team bench in that sparsely populated town regardless.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who she will ask him to put in office. Of course a NYS Senator has more pull than old June Oneil.. Dosnt she??? Time will tell because if a democrat is named it means Ritchie asked for one I assume.