Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Republicans scrambling to stop Trump from taking party nom | New York Post

       The GOP establishment and the liberal media are all in the scramble to stop Donald Trump. The NY Times leaked off the record E Board details that they would never have leaked against anyone else.
Daily News "End of Days" Edition

      The Daily News  is continuing its spirited coverage and the super PACs are ripping The Donald.

       Mitt Romney is hiding behind Twitter to deliver his missives against Trump. And yet it may be too late.

Republicans scrambling to stop Trump from taking party nom | New York Post


Anonymous said...

I,m sitting in amazement watching an American election being taken away from the people by a few rich people.. I watch people on this blog and others trash the Democrats but watching this debacle one can wonder if we are any better of than those countries we condem for their politics.
The people want Donald Trump period... The people will not be allowed to have Donald Trump. Our vote will not count due to corporate Americas non choice this year.
The democrats may be corrupt as we know corrupt but the Republicans without a doubt have reached a new low

Anonymous said...

I can remember when John Kennedy was the nations President. He went against the traditional establishment in many ways.
First came the Cuban Missle crisis and he held firm instead of declaring war as his war chiefs wanted. Then these war chiefs and CIA asked permission to invade Cuba and he refused. He then changed our way of banking and borrowing money and that really didnt set well.. He then put a very healthy tax on our oil and that created anger. He then signed into law a bill that would end the Vietnam War and that made some people very mad...
The only people very mad were the very very rich and our War Machine manufacturers plus some CIA people who might have been out of a job..
Once all of this was in place he was murdered and the facts of this murder have been hidden since.. All of what he did for us was undone within three months..
Trump will have to continue with caution as these people will stop at nothing to stop us from having our vote really count ...

Anonymous said...

Last evening polls are showing that The Con Don is dropping across the board.

Today....Con Don issues "There's nobody that's done so much for equality as I have. You take a look at Palm Beach, Florida--I built the Mar-A-Lago Club" OK with illegals and non union construction workers. A lot cheaper to build in Flordia than in the Empire State.

What has he done for New Yorkers?

Sorry to say the media controlled the mad out of control ego driven Bully. Now they are leaking this.

Set up just as they are leaking Rubio's lunch meeting with Members of the Gang of 8 with beloved Chuckie Schumkie.

People are being very unfair to him, very unfair as he likes to point out!

Con Don's trainwreck rolls on!

Anonymous said...

8:12 Get off the wealthy sthick of Trump caring for the little peeps.

He touts himself as a billonare. Today NYS AG Schneidernman won a go ahead civil lawsuit against The Art of The Deal Schmuck that he can sue Trump for civil amts for his actions fleecing the little middleclass peeps out of their money. This is in addition to the classaction lawsuit already in place where he has to testify during the prime month of May right during some election dates.

What should be more disguisting is that we have two claimed frontrunners from both parties that are involved in legal lawsuits and under Federal investigation.

This is not about Corporate America, this is about finding individuals to turn this country around and Trump is not the answer either. He has been too close to the Democratic party his entire life.

What don't you understand about lawsuits and investigations. Has the notion of honesty, character, moral compass been lost on you.

Anonymous said...

Next up: look for El Thugo’s Trump University sham operation to hit the MSM.

He's scheduled to be deposed in May. It'll be good stuff and it will be hilarious watching his laughable cohorts attempt to defend him and the way he bilked hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of "tuition" from people who "trusted" him.

Jeff, you may want to blame the “GOTCHA” media in advance on this one.

Should be a hoot!

Ray said...

Trump is there only chance to get back into the White House. Can't they see it? The rest were weak from day one they announced. Super pack really wants to win, they need to through money into Hill-dog ads. Positive ones. get her in the Dem spot. Than let the Trump Dog loose on her!

Middle-Class Mike said...

Tomorrow's Headline: "GOP Establishment Trumped!" Mike Flynn 'Middle Class Mike'

Anonymous said...

“Tomorrow's Headline: "GOP Establishment Trumped!"

Oh, gee, golly, WOW! Hold the presses! Look at MCM!

He must be some sort of political savant! Imagine that…. predicting 2 hours in advance what everyone else residing on planet earth already knew…. A regular Nate Silver is he.

Either that or a current student of Trump University.

You decide….. News @ 11:00.

Go MCM!!

Anonymous said...

Shameless Narcissistic Buffoon for Trump says,

I agree with MCM.