Saturday, March 12, 2016

Red Meat Rallies Entertain a Nation Tired of Politics as Usual

    There's nothing like a Trump rally.  From sparring with protestors to reciting a poem about a snake taken in by a kind hearted woman, it was pure Trump all day on cable......Dayton, Cleveland, and KC.
    An ambitious schedule for the 69 year old candidate. A busy day for talking heads getting all preachy about the red meat,
     I remember my first ever rally at age 17....Center of Progress Building at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse.  Spiro Agnew, who in his day railed against the effete Eastern snobs.
     Of  course MSNBC found a guy out on the street who had been pepper sprayed so they A-B'd the picture with Trump speaking, like there was a connection. The press is dishonest.
       Good thing I watch TV as none of the Chicago riot was in the paper this morning. Jeez, what did they do back in '68 ?

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