Sunday, March 27, 2016

Rare Never Before Seen Images Of Woodstock 1969 and Other Easter Thoughts

           This an interesting look back on a Sunday morning. Things were interesting back then. 
            It's a gorgeous Easter, another gift in what has been a mild winter and early spring. 
            Just catching what there is of the talking heads on the holiday. Had an 11AM call a moment ago from someone saying, 'I see you're open"  and wanting to come down for bloody maries. Told him sure but you can't have alcohol till noon.  I don't know if it was real or a set up, but we take society's Sunday morning prohibition seriously.  Actually nobody does, but we enforce it.
           Met someone who won a million dollar scratch off yesterday. Very nice down to earth people.
          You might think lying outside on a nice day would be fun, but Jet just wants to go back inside to lie on the bed and listen to the television. Lazy dog....But that's redundant isn't it ?
           The media was busy with their race baiting yesterday by dismissing the Bernie Sanders wins as "caucuses in white states", as if the demographics make a win illegitimate.  As in "can you win, sir, in a state like NY where there are more blacks and latinos ?"
           Already Wisconsin is being dismissed as mostly white , just in case Senator Sanders wins there.
           Looking forward to a relaxing day and will do my gym time this evening.
           Hope you are all having a great Easter as well.
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Anonymous said...

Looky looky who is behind all these negative and disenfranchising comments, Why it's the Hilldabeast.

Leave the Berne alone.