Monday, March 28, 2016

Political This and That, Post Easter

    The former chief of staff for Assemblyman Addie Russell and the manager of Sheriff O'Neill's successful 2014 bid has opened his own consulting and lobbying business called Upstate Strategies.
     Mark Pacilio is based out of Sackets Harbor and is pitching the lucrative NFP market.
"After a nearly 30 year career in the public and private sectors in Delaware and New York State, Mark Pacilio will use his vast experience to help devise strategies and solutions for nonprofits firms that need leadership in public relations and government affairs as well as fund development and board governance. His experience in local and state government further enhance his background.", reads his website.
     As we recently saw with the City,there is an appetite for those claiming expertise and access to Albany based funding sources.
     Speaking of Albany.
      The River District Assembly race on the GOP side may contain SLC tea party activist Joe Gilbert, who has been attending political functions, along with Russ Finley and John Byrne.
       The real tussle is over the Conservative W/P,  with everyone claiming a path to getting it. Seems Finley has the best ties to state chair Mike Long, who really issues the authorization. Locally, SLC appointed chair Hank Ford claims to have Long's ear, but he didn't in 2014 when his choice for Congress and Assembly didn't get the W/P.
        Republican insiders have labeled Mr. Finley a spoiler from his 2014 Conservative bid in the race where Addie Russell edged Mr. Byrne.
       Mr. Byrne is thought to be out of favor this time and likely doesn't have the same funding sources as last time or the professional campaign management as last time.
       Legislator Phil Reed is the great white hope for Jefferson GOP brass, but given his career and family, I don't see taking months off to win a primary and a general.
       Republicans close to the 2014 race say Ms. Russell is on her "A" game compared to her lackluster effort two years ago.
        Efforts to hold a Trump rally in CNY are hitting a snag as RINO county exec Joanie Mahoney is said to be dead set against providing any venues like the War Memorial or OCC.....The Onondaga County GOP chair is a big Trump supporter though.


Anonymous said...

If Mrs. is on her A game, why is it Mr. P left her employ(or ours)..

Anonymous said...

The Golden Dome in Ogdensburg should be interested in housing a Trump rally. There is much interest in Mr Trump in NNY.
Lisbons Mr. McNeil and Waddingtons Mr Teirnam are attempting to have a rally of sort in one of their townships and both have expressed interest in backing Mr Trump.

Anonymous said...

Now the newly formed company is going to represent non profits you say.

This is a lobby firm that needs to lobby who? Why it would be Addie Russell wouldn't it. So the non profits give (donate, forgive me) to Addie and anyone can access any legislator in Albany whenever they are in session?

Let's say Planned parenthood needed some muscle (excuse me strong arm) to get votes for the 10th plank Addie has desired for as long as she has held office.

Come on boys, Addie is calling for continuation of funding to abort (excuse me, kill babies) all in the name of women's healthcare,

Have I got this right, when is anyone going to really go down and take her down on these far left positions she holds.

Anonymous said...

Cough cough cough Reed the great white hope. I would not put my money on Byrne either

I am a Republican who thinks Addie easily wins this one

Anonymous said...

If Byrne had had professional campaign management last time he would have won.